MTV Cribs..

Okay last saturday morning was a bit of a fuck up.. but the rest of the weekend went better until finally it was sunday night and Daddy came home 🙂 Also on sunday the project that a friend and me were working on is now at my place!! 😀 So it's time to reveal a [...]


Jezus what a fucking horrible day! And it's not even afternoon yet. Actually I was a bit through with writing.. my last writing was written on tuesday but today I saw it wasn't published :/ So I just posted it this today.. Anyway, this morning Daddy went away for the weekend. I planned some things [...]

Self care and stuff.. :)

Today is a bit of a self care post.. because the moodswings and triggers have been challenging lately. Especially in contact with people. Yesterday a customer at the store just ripped my heart out with one sentense.. and we had the most awkward and intense argument after that. Followed by an intense awkward silence, I [...]

Good morning :)

We were in the gym around 9:00 this morning! It was still quiet, which was really great. Otherwise we would've done a workout at home. I'm glad we both don't like crowded places. That's also why we didn't do anything special during Kingsday. Actually I think my mood was lower in general yesterday because I [...]


The last few days have been challenging sometimes. Especially Friday and yesterday. Daddy and I did work out a few times last week. It was difficult for me to learn the positions. Somehow I felt triggered and I still don't really know what lead to the irritation and emotional outburst that the triggers lead to. [...]

Falling deeper

Now I want to watch the movie 🙂 Well it really was The Fall.. but not the movie.. because then it would be cool.. Anyway, so I had this impulsive thing with the henna hair stuff this morning and now I have yellow hair, well at least the ends are quite bright yellow. So I'm [...]

The Fall

This time it's mostly yesterday's down fall and this morning is all about hair care.. whoohoo.. Yesterday I wrote about that restlessness and obsessive thoughts before I went to work. Had to hurry to the store because I was late and for the third time in the last 2 weeks I was late. While riding [...]