Impression of dissociation Just came across some photos that are looking a lot like how I experience the world when I am in a dissociative state. So I thought I'd share: This is more like.. everything feeling unreal. So that's why it is easy for me to believe that we are not living in the world [...]

Borderline Subtypes

Yesterday I was watching a few video's about borderline personality disorder. As for now it is my primary diagnosis. There's one video I want to comment on and it's also the one that I watched together with my Daddy last night. As the title of this blogpost says; the video is about borderline subtypes. And [...]

Kids weekend

This weekend my Daddy's kids came over to place, for the first time. He's a father and my 'Daddy'.. It was the second time I met them. The first time was about half a year ago. They are about half my age and Daddy is half my age older than me so I'm like caught [...]