Slut mode

Just uploaded a blogpost that should've been posted yesterday evening, found it still as a concept.. so there are two blogposts this morning.. Last night after I wrote I've somehow gone into a numb slut mode. Which is mostly fun for other people. Except me because I'm numb.. that's probably why that whole bimbo doll [...]


Today is so much better than yesterday. Luckely by now I've learned to see every day as a new chance, a new beginning. Usually I'm feeling better in the morning and afternoon anyway. I like the coziness of the evening though but I'm just so overwhelmed and processing everything that happening during the day. The [...]


Just want to start with: I'm so fucking tired! There is a clear explanation for it. Changes.. More than I had anticipated. Of course the change of being in a relationship. The challenge of staying connected, being open and honest (that starts with to yourself), setting boundaries.. dealing with my borderline mind, triggers, dissociation.. oh [...]