My evenings are becoming longer with the days. Often I'm staring at the ceiling thinking, keeping me from sleep. In the morning I don't feel much, not even for getting out of bed. The sun has changed something inside of me. Something that causes loneliness but at the same time makes me want to hide [...]

Weight of the world

Since about three of four weeks ago I started to feel a constant level of stress. It's a bit of a hidden undertone I feel deep inside. The times when I'm feeling disconnected from myself and everyone around me are increasing. At times it is easier to be alone because at least then I do [...]

Watching over Tommie

Haven't written much in ages.. a bit like how my workouts are going.. They're basically non-existent since I heared that I have to leave my lovely appartment.. which isn't even written in the contract and just bullshit to get me out of my home. It gives me the most contradicting feelings. Not feeling safe in [...]

New Dreams

Haven't written anything in a while 🙂 Have been a bit busy with life, which is actually a good thing. A few things have changed and there are also many changes ahead of me. At times this stresses me out a lot but when I'm trying to accept and welcome the changes it gets easier. [...]