Tired as fuck

Don't know what I'm feeling right now.. Yesterday I worked til 19:00 instead of 17:00 and I was so exhausted and overwhelmed I felt horrible. It made me so angry and paranoia. The kids are here since yesterday afternoon. I spend most of the time in the bedroom yesterday after work. This morning went well [...]

Ghibli workout

Today was so much better than yesterday! 🙂 My last few writings were sooo heavy again. That depressive mood that I only recognize when I'm getting out of it a little bit. I look over my shoulder like, wowww.. Just all that heavy energy.. Don't know how to describe it in a different way. It [...]


I'm just coming off a very distinct borderline mood that is a bit difficult for me to explain. Wanted to write an impression of the feeling but then I got off that track. I'm still trembling and there is also a lot of shame and guilt because I was spending money, that's my guilty pleasure [...]