Devil’s Backbone

Mother of evil.. This is my other plant, that is thriving at the moment. Didn't know what it was so I asked my mom, who said it was a plant in the Kalanchoe family. So I searched until I found the exact type that we have. It is called Kalanchoe Houghtonii or hybrid mother of [...]


I've been mentally broken down for months and the whole world was watching. I've given more of myself than can ever be put into money. The movies I made last summer, I cannot watch them. I see someone, who looks like me ...but doesn't. And it's all scattered over the internet. Imagine having a mental [...]


I'm so glad that at this point in my bordeline recovery I'm now aware of my moods being temporary and although I cannot snap out of them, I can often make healthier choices about how to deal with these moods and just observe what is happening and notice in what way these moods alter my [...]


After being super happy and chill yesterday, something changed inside me. Not sure what the reason was but my mood all changed and it wasn't like I was upset or angry or anything like that. All of a sudden I was a bit 'gone' and I felt very deep sadness. A sadness that colored my [...]