Falling deeper

Now I want to watch the movie 🙂 Well it really was The Fall.. but not the movie.. because then it would be cool.. Anyway, so I had this impulsive thing with the henna hair stuff this morning and now I have yellow hair, well at least the ends are quite bright yellow. So I'm [...]

The Fall

This time it's mostly yesterday's down fall and this morning is all about hair care.. whoohoo.. Yesterday I wrote about that restlessness and obsessive thoughts before I went to work. Had to hurry to the store because I was late and for the third time in the last 2 weeks I was late. While riding [...]


Today was such a good day 🙂 The weather was really great! For some time it was cold, cold, cold and now it's HOT! All of a sudden. In the morning Daddy and I did a beginners workout for me to practice.. afterwards we wanted to go to the gym but I think the whole [...]


Actually I'm enjoying some time alone during Easter. I've done all the chores at and cleaned my home. I took out all the hidden little stuff again. Bringing back that part of me 🙂 Then took some time to take care of my plants, I've bathed my orchids in water with fertilizer and also cave [...]


Right before Daddy was leaving to bring the kids back home he answered a question of mine.. the answer, to me, was highly triggering. It had nothing to do with me, it had nothing to do with our relationship but my emotional response to this trigger was most irrational. It fired me up instantly. It [...]