Inside the quiet borderline

Another (but shorter) video about what’s inside the quiet borderline.. well I could say “what’s inside me”.

Got to add though that since past group therapy about 5 years ago I’m slowly starting to recover, though I’m not there yet. Which means that these feelings inside and these thoughts are still there but not controling me all the time, sometimes they do.. And I have to isolate because I’m trying to survive my own mind. At times I’ve got some peace of mind now, which I use to try to fill in the gaps of my lost self, for example. Although I’m still unsure about who I am at times and can go back to a full on borderline mindset when I’m triggered or stressed. But it’s not all the time. I have no words to describe the ongoing pain I went through ever fucking minute of every day, for years and how much death sounded like such a relieve. Actually I’m already doing so much better the last couple of years.. 🙂

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