A.J. Mahari explaining quiet borderline

Lately this is my favorite video to watch about borderline. There isn’t much good information about the quiet version of borderline. Though it is the way I experience borderline and yes I am the biggest denier of having borderline because often I don’t recognize myself in the raging outgoing version of borderline. Also others often say, you can’t have borderline because you don’t do what the classic type does. Well, here’s the difference.

About the isolation part to feel safe and for emotional regulation.. Yes! Absolutely. She also said: fear being alone.. that’s not me though. Often I prefer to be alone but when I’m alone for days my mental state gets worse and I can go a bit insane with obsessions to not feel lonely. I guess that social anxiety and hostility play a role here too.

When I’m upset I watch this too. To calm down, to feel seen and understood and validated. To know that it is a real thing. Because there are no groups for people with borderline.. not like AA meetings for example or any other kind of group that you can go to, to meet others who suffer the same. The only place for that is group therapy but it’s a whole process to get there.

Anyway, hope it was usefull for others as well Xx

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