Falling deeper

Now I want to watch the movie šŸ™‚

Well it really was The Fall.. but not the movie.. because then it would be cool..

Anyway, so I had this impulsive thing with the henna hair stuff this morning and now I have yellow hair, well at least the ends are quite bright yellow.

So I’m going to rock this hair šŸ˜› Daddy was laughing but he said that it looks cute.. Probably didn’t laugh because he thinks I look silly but because I’m so impulsive doing weird stuff..

At the birdshelter they didn’t say anything about it, guess they know me. They kind of threw me in the deep because I was doing the feeding by myself. It wasn’t a problem because there weren’t many baby birds yet.

Daddy and I just went to the store because we wanted to get some weights for me, so I can do more of the workouts with Daddy, tomorrow morning we’re going to train again šŸ™‚ we didn’t find the weight but Daddy got me some really cool bubble swords, with princesses on them! Now I can make really big bubbles šŸ˜€

Feeling like a yellow haired bandit now šŸ˜› lol! Xx ā¤

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