Today was such a good day 🙂 The weather was really great! For some time it was cold, cold, cold and now it’s HOT! All of a sudden.

In the morning Daddy and I did a beginners workout for me to practice.. afterwards we wanted to go to the gym but I think the whole neighbourhood had that same brainwave so we got the hell out of there and did another training outside. It was fun! At home Daddy did some of his own training but I’m still too little for that, being pudding and all.. so I practiced some of the basic exercises and I finally got the hang of it! Yay!

After the workouts I still felt like I wanted to go outside and be active. While last week I felt unable to do anything for at least half of my day! We decided to go cycling and went into the dunes near my home. I got to ride on the little bike 😀 and I got to be little allll afternoon 🙂 Daddy had to cycle on the outside and watch out for me because I was seriously little. Dreamy and responding to whatever and talking nonsense most of the time instead of watching the traffic.. But it was awesomeee 🙂 We saw highland cattle, they were super cute! Daddy got to pet one.

Doesn’t that look magical?

Nature there in the dunes was so pretty but really raw and grounding. With beautiful lakes and the sounds of the animals 🙂 It felt like vacation. Also I had a lot of good memories from when I was a kid and that made me feel really nostalgic. Normally I don’t remember the good times so vivid, it’s more like some vague dream I once had ages ago.. or it feels like that wasn’t my life because I’ve been so disconnected from that past. But now I’ve remembered and told Daddy alll about it.

Whieeeehieee 😀

Daddy made sure that we were eating well today and I’ve been doing the chores again and took care of Daddy, wink wink 😛

Oh and I was a bit bratty today.. or well, not just today.. but Daddy punished me aaaahh! Guess that I deserved it.

Xx ❤

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