Actually I’m enjoying some time alone during Easter. I’ve done all the chores at and cleaned my home. I took out all the hidden little stuff again. Bringing back that part of me πŸ™‚ Then took some time to take care of my plants, I’ve bathed my orchids in water with fertilizer and also cave my carnivoric plants some fish food and coffee grounds, also to fertilize. The rest of the house plants got lucky too. Then I felt like smoking out my home to clean out the energy for the new start that Ostara is bringing. I’ve opened up the doors and windows, so it’s all fresh air.

Way back I used to do whole rituals and stuff during the sabbats and esbats. Also was part of a coven in my early twenties, actually come to think of it.. I’ve been in a group of practitioners as well when I was 17. My first rituals I did by myself when I was a kid and although I’ve been working with friends sometimes too, I prefer to work solitary. During the years I’ve noticed that you can learn so many little ‘rules’ and read all the books about how to be spiritual and what not… but once you’re aware of the basics then it’s just and inside job and however you express your spirituality it’s all good. Because life is spiritual by itself it’s not like you have to go into extremes. People who want to tell you how.. eugh… I often get people at my door asking me about ‘the new world’ and trying to talk to me about spirit guides for example, which I think is a super fun subject. However, they often are too short sighted to be open to anothers perspective.. hmm, sadly.. πŸ˜‰

This weekend I thought of my old pentacle again that I used to wear around my neck. It’s on my oldest pictures. I never took it off back then. Didn’t wear it for a long time though.. actually took it off last spring. But now it felt right to put it back on πŸ™‚ It used to be glued to me and now it’s back and that feels really good. It feels like home.

Also next week I’m starting again at the birdshelter where I used to work before I started at the bio food store. I so can’t wait to take care of the baby birds again. A lot of the volunteers I worked with 2 years ago are bird mothers again this year, so that’s also great! It always gave me such a good feeling to take care of animals. Just like how I love to take care of my plants and how they make my home feel so much better and happier. It also feels good to give something back. To follow the cycle of the seasons and adjust to it, instead of going out of my mind during summer.. whiehiee. Okay, just a little bit then.

So now we’re all happy and chilling πŸ™‚ My home, my plants, my stuffies and I.. I’ll be putting my bunny ears back on, light some candles and go eat dinner with my stuffies. Seee yah πŸ™‚ Xx ❀

When I was a kid I used to listen to classical music before bed, I’d lie awake a lot just thinking and daydreaming for hours..

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