Impression of dissociation

Just came across some photos that are looking a lot like how I experience the world when I am in a dissociative state. So I thought I’d share:

This is more like.. everything feeling unreal. So that’s why it is easy for me to believe that we are not living in the world that we think we are living in. It’s easy to believe in some sort of matrix.. or as if everything only is happening inside my own mind. That nothing is real.
This is how I experienced Amsterdam when I was going through a really intense crisis a few months ago, clearly including intense dissociation.
I think that, going into nature would be calming when dissociating.. I mean.. this actually looks really pretty and less disturbing..
This one is pretty intense too… and the feelings that go with this kind of mindset are really intense and disturbing to me.
This photo is also really how I can percieve the world when dissociating.. I mean everything is blurry, I’m feeling blurry.. at times I’ve been unable to walk straight, it’s like I’m stumbling through and everything goes way too fast or I am just very slow.. It can feel dreamy but in a heavy kind of way..

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