VampireFreaks (SocialMedia)

I was somehow thinking.. hey lets try some social media thingy again.. you know. What I tried was VampireFreaks, because I used to be an alternative goth type when I was younger and VF was then the place to be and there’s like a bunch of music on there that could be cool or something to check out?

After being deleted a few times because people thought I was fake.. I finally got on the site after sending a confirmation photo.. The things you have to do these days… Oh well..

But then most people were being bullies and I thought.. I will never feel a part of any group and I will always be different or not accepted in a way. I didn’t feel welcome at all. So I deleted my account already. Lol, I was even being like carefull with my photo’s cause it’s not like FetLife, But people online are just too rude for me anyway. Makes me hate people in general and that’s not really a good thing.

One day I’ll go back to a paper diary instead of my blog.. Probably get off the internet entirely.. It’s just no good for me.

It feels so strongly that I really do not belong in this world..

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