Empty weekend

Bottom line of this night wrighting is that Daddy is gone for the weekend and that sucks..

Now the more detailed version.. Just feeling unhappy and uncomfortable in my skin. Somewhat detached and disconnected. I’ve been surfing the internet a lot in a hyper focus. Thinking I’m feeling inspired and ending up buying stuff that I don’t need .. so I’m actually impulsive, instead of inspired.. and afterwards I’m only feeling worse. I hate being borderline.. so aware of it.

Can’t wait to be in therapy. Maybe I should make a plan to make it more difficult to be so impulsive. Been doing that a lot lately now that I’m thinking about it. Or actually.. Forever.. Eugh :/

Tomorrow I’m meeting family, including my father. Also in the evening I said I’d meet a friend but I really just don’t feel like meeting anyone.

I’m not hungry anymore.. tired but awake.. all of that uncomfortable stuff. Can’t get into little space either or probably will start obsessing about it or something else.. like cats.

How will I make it until sunday? :S

For some reason I’ve been watching my favorite info/docu video’s about BPD again

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