Fashion Show..

Today was fun! Woke up with Daddy and just chilled in the morning. When Daddy walked to the trainstation to go to work I got on the small bike to ride along with him. It was so much fun!

On the way to the station is a really long street with only shops and it’s just around the corner of my home. After saying goodbye to Daddy I went to all my favorite stores to see if I would see something fun, without the intention to buy anything. Just wanted to spend some time outside of the house. So I remembered all the things I liked most. Because I didn’t want to find anything I found loads of things that I had been looking for when I did try to find it.. It’s always like that! I decided to check if I had enough money left and I had more than enough.. it was a miracle.. lol! So I got all the favorite stuff that I found.. mostly of it came from weird little shops.. vintage stores too.. and HEMA.. that store is so basic but so awesome. I always fit in the kids clothing too.. Oh and I went to some weird Chinese store where they sold soooo many cute little panties for almost nothing, it was insane!

It’s a bit of a collection.. I think they are awesome! A few of them on the picture I already had.. but I’ve got many more that I got from Q. or from followers 🙂 But most are from today!

At HEMA I found some cute overals that are super little items that I had on my wishlist but I thought how in hell is something like that going to look cute on me now… so I just tried them before taking off the tags so I could bring them back. Luckely I like them a lot and Daddy likes them too!

It’s been ages since I’ve made selfies like this. Think that’s how I started online before I got asked to do some modeling.. here it goes:

All unedited btw, way too tired for that!

I’ve made the shorts tighter with some cute pink ribbons :3

This mouse is sooooo cute.. I’ve wanted him for quite some time..

It’s an overal skirt! So awesome! So yeah.. I’m tired but happy with my new friends and clothes! Now I can go out in spring wearing my little outfits. Whoohoo! And like I said, gained some weight as you can see but it’s kind of cute and looks more healthy 🙂

My little stuff is scattered all around the house by now, just like my plants but it feels really like it is supposed to be this way?! I feel that this fits me. As if I’m finding myself but not in a way that I ever did before. This feels more relaxed, more natural. Hope it stays that way.

My stuffies wanted to join the fashion show too..

I’m sooo sleepy now, time for bed!! Xx

Here’s a little something ^^ .. anyone noticing I can’t wait till easter? It’s my favorite holiday! :3 I don’t look so happy though.. I’m just reaaaally tired! Zzzzz…

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