Today is so much better than yesterday. Luckely by now I’ve learned to see every day as a new chance, a new beginning. Usually I’m feeling better in the morning and afternoon anyway. I like the coziness of the evening though but I’m just so overwhelmed and processing everything that happening during the day.

The new babies we got today :3 The little one on the plate we just found torn off from a motherplant so I took it home with me.

This morning my fp was so thoughtfull. I know that I can be quite specific because I’m so sensitive to little things.. often things that other people don’t even notice or care about.

There are just some things that always work for me.. like little lights.. I prefer slight dark coziness over bright light.. in the morning and evening.. And just.. ok.. I’m just can be complicated and specific.. until you’ve figured me out 😛

Today my fp took me to the garden center nearby. Something I like sooo much, I shouldn’t go there too often because my home will be a forest in no time. Of course I took some little babies home with me 🙂 This afternoon and evening my fp isn’t home so I’ve spend most of the time repotting my new plants and while I was busy I’ve also planted some seeds I had lying around waiting until it march. My fp kept the egg carton for me 🙂 He said: let’s keep this for the plants. Great plan! It made me feel so little too! I’ve used all the space in my little glass houses.. I’ve got two little ones in my bedroom.. there is space for another one.. hmm.. I’m so all in 😛

Last friday I’ve picked up my new orchids pots I got delivered out of china 😛 They are much bigger then I expected!

So I’m chilling now in my super clean appartment.. after all the work from yesterday. It was a tough day but at least I’ve been productive 😛 The only good thing about restlessness over depressive days 😛

But fuck it, it makes me happy! When we came home from the garden center with all the baby plants I didn’t had to leave the house anymore so I put on my little clothes 🙂 Just made a big mess with all the dirt and the pots and plants in the living room ^^ put on Winnie the Pooh and The Land Before Time 😛 Really enjoyed myself. I’ve been age regressing again, just a little bit 🙂 Yay!

This is our new carnivornous little monster!

Oh Daddy and I have been thinking about some kinky plans again.. will be fun 😉

Will upload some pictures of today too ^^

Daddies little girl monster not looking so little this morning 😛 With makeup and all..

Today I’ve also been asked to do some escort work again but seriously guys.. no.. I’m healing and not going to do any sex work any time soon. Except for my Daddy 😛

It really starts to annoy me that some people just really don’t seem to understand that I’m different now. Can I ever make that clear some how? You all waiting for this phase to go over and I’m a full blown slut again 24/7??

Oh.. as an add to the picture of today.. I haven’t been adding any lip fillers anymore since the summer, so that’s fading back to normal and also, as you can see my eyebrows have grown back and are untouched since then too. Which I like more now. Looks softer 🙂 Also I’ve gained a few pounds.. heared that I look healthier now. Somehow I always tend to be more skinny but I’m okay with it. Got a pale winter skin instead of being all tanned like before but I actually kind of like that.

It’s a bit of a messy chaos.. perfect 🙂 Can hardly wait for the hanging plants to grow!!

Lol, I’ve got so much more time lately.. no tanning beds.. no nail salons.. no injectables.. not having to draw on my eyebrows or put on lashes 😛 But most of all.. no social media. Which makes all the difference!

Fucking love this vibe, Juliette Lewis is so awesome! ❤

Hope you had a fun day too Xx

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