Plant escape

I’m so tired of being tired. Slept a few hours on the couch though. Like.. 6 hours? So that’s pretty amazing. And I didn’t cut myself up yesterday. Betterrr.

Now I’m mentally cut off from the chaos and just thinking of my plants.

Been working on some orchids this weekend at my moms.

How in hell do I turn a photo on wordpress?

My mom had recieved 18 orchids that stopped blooming. I’m busy repotting them in the kitchen. Cut off all the dead/unhealthy roots and leafs.

This is my mom gave me six plants. I’m soaking them 🙂

This is their new home for now. It’s colder here in the bedroom. Helps with more flower growth next time. I hope the leafs will strengthen and rise up again.

I have no idea what kind of colors they have, which is exciting. Also curious to find out which ones will make it. Often takes about 2 or 3 months in between flowering phases. The flowers can last up to 6 months.

The 2 orchids my sister killed on her balcony are dead.. but I have enough plants from my mom to play with 🙂

My first orchid opened his last flower bulb, now all his flowers are open since yesterday. Will make a photo later. He is doing so well!

Every morning when I wake up and have some coffee I walk around the house to see how all my plants are doing. Maybe it’s a bit of a morning greeting. To see how they are doing.. their progress and also to check if they need anything. It’s really healing me to do this.

I have a bit too many new plants right now though. We are still getting to know each other. Got to find out what the want and how they work. Every plant has it’s own recipe or manual.. got to figure them out. With some plants I just don’t click. Like how you sometimes don’t match well with certain types of people.. My Anthuriums and me are so not on the same page.. We don’t like each other.

I still need to repot them and I don’t even feel like it.. While with other plants I’m on top of their process every tiny step of the way..

My little basil plantlet has got his own pot now. He finally got transfered from the water to some soaked soil. I used to be really good with basil plants. Had some very huge ones, hope he will become big like that too.

I have many more plant stories but it’s enough for now.


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