The last few days have been a challenge. At times I’ve felt really depressed and locked inside myself. I’ve been trying to cope with it as best as possible. Sometimes through mood swings and splitting. Often through being very childlike. Because I feel so weak sometimes, like I can’t do much on my own and depending on my fp a lot. I’m sure that it’s not a really healthy way of being together. It can be fun sometimes but not for days. Luckely right now I’m feeling a bit better.

My fp left to the gym so I was alone. Decided to go sing songs. At least made me feel more real. Then did some stuff at home, took a shower and got dressed. That really helps already because Im often just a sweatpants wearing zombie with my glasses on and just lying around in the house. That drives everyone nuts. Not only me but also those in my presence.

Luckely the weather is a bit like spring, sunny not too cold. So I went outside by myself. Picked up some clothes that had to be repaired. When I came back my fp had presents for me! So sweet! ❤

Two weird plants, just like how we are. Strange and different.

This is my new Cambria orchid. I don’t mind that all the flowers are blooming already as they come and go. Usually they last for months anyway. I like the repotting phase afterwards too. It’s exciting to see what the plant will do after the sleeping phase.

This purple cactus is the other one. Is this me in summer and cactus in winter? Lol!! I think it rocks. It’s my first cactus so that’s fun to try out too!

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