Help my gf has a hobby..

Think I’ve been going on too long working with my plants today.. I’m so awake and tired at the same time. Like.. tired of myself.

Today I collected my file from the psychiatric institution that worked with me until a few years ago.. starting from 2012, saw the date on the cover of my file. That date was from when I got transfered from another psychatric institution that only work with kids and adolescents. Where I started in 2004. I’ve collected my file so I can make the transfer to specialised treatment and the opportunity to get dialectical behavioral therapy. Fingers crossed!

On my way home I stopped at the grocery store for some milk and saw they sold plants in the sale section so I saved two plants that can grow really big if I manage to figure out the right care for them. Fucking rocket science..

When I was home my sisters boyfriend came over for some coffee and after that I had forgotten about the file that I wanted to read.. parts of it actually because it’s a lot. Probably for the best that I forgot about it.

Somehow I ended up clearing my balcony. It had become a plant cemetary from when I tried to take care of plants before but obviously didn’t succeed. I’ve put all the old dirt aside in big pots, to mix with new soil in the future or use it for succulents who prefer old soil anyway, new soil is too rich and moist for them. Before throwing out the dead plants I checked them and found a few die hard mofo’s who somehow had managed to survive. So I brought them inside and repotted them.

For some time.. a few hours maybe I’ve been watching instructive video’s on youtube because some of my plants are just not happy. For example my Aloë Vera plants. First the soil was too rich, now it’s old and the leafs turned from grey back to green. But the leafs are thin and I think that the plants could use some more water again now that they have depleated the soil. Also.. first I had a bunch of Aloë’s in big pots but I’ve separated them because some were big and didn’t leave moist for the smaller ones. They aren’t put in the right pots yet either.. there’s not enough drainage but that’s something for later. Just need to watch out for overwatering with the closed pots. I’m also thinking of putting them in a more sunny spot..

Also my Anthuriums were fucked up. They had brown dying leafs that I have cut away. I found old water in the over pots.. so I’ve taken the inner pots out and put them aside on plates to let all the water drain through the soil and put them in a lighter spot as well because they like the sun so much.

Damn plants are so specific. I’m trying hard to learn their language but each type has it’s own, like a recipe or cracking the code.. I’ve bought two little note books a few weeks ago. One I’m using to write down the advice that I find on youtube about how to take care of my plants.. Each type has different needs.. “code”..The other book I can use to write down what I’ve learned from my own experience because I love to experiment. Also what other people say doesn’t mean that it works for me any my plants all the time as well because every place has a different climate.

Now I only need to remember to eat, drink and sleep or I’ll be able to say I’ve got a new obsession any time soon.

Oh.. and this is my basil leaf that I cut off from a weak and dying supermarket plant.. it has started growing roots. So proud of this little one!

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