Right now I’m awake in the middle of the night obsessing for hours in my mind about why some people write my name wrong. And why some people, always the same people do not send me my pictures before they post them online. And this very minute I fight the urge to not go through every little fucking minor detail in this blog post about why it’s not okay for people to write my name wrong in credits and not send me my pictures. It drives me fucking insane. This makes me go over details for hours, at any time during the night or day. So don’t write my name like this: ArienH or Arien. For gods sake. Don’t do that. Arienh is my given name, it’s numerologically attached to me when spelled correctly. It’s Celtic and it has a meaning. It’s chosen for me. Now don’t be a fucking cunt and think that you’re being smart and write my name wrong because it might be the reason why I never responde to a message you send me or something like that. Interest is in the fucking details. If you write my name wrong or use my pictures without my permission you disrespect me on many levels. And it will probably be the last time we worked together or the reason I won’t ever contact you (again). I have so much more words to say but I could go on for pages but I’m so done! I could obsess about this for days. So thanks for that and fucking bye!

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