Somehow I don’t feel like writing much. Yesterday I felt numb and a bit ill so I lied on the couch the first half of the day and then went to bed for the second half. Waiting for my fp to come back home.

Today I felt better so we went to the gym. For me it was running against depression. Left my phone at home and my music, that would only distract me. While running I could look outside instead of being aware of everyone in the gym. Although I didn’t see my fp most of the time it was helpfull that he was there. Ran for an hour and then chilled a bit until we went home.

I’m happy because I’ve been isolating for 90% of the time for the last 2 months. Which also means that I only lie on the couch or in bed. Feeling down mostly because I think a lot.

Hope running more often will help breaking through this.

I also saw they do yoga classes too, something I can try out as well.

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