Devil’s Backbone

Mother of evil..

This is my other plant, that is thriving at the moment. Didn’t know what it was so I asked my mom, who said it was a plant in the Kalanchoe family. So I searched until I found the exact type that we have. It is called Kalanchoe Houghtonii or hybrid mother of millions. Hybrid because it is a mix of two other Kalanchoe plants. It has this name because it produces little baby plantlets at the edges of its leafs. I think it looks super cute! The plant creates babies that just drop and then root into the ground next to the mother plant.. at least that’s what should happen. Mine just lay there like, okay what now? Maybe I need to help them a little bit and give the small plantlets their own pot 🙂

It’s growing flowers too 🙂

Hybrid mother of millions.. It’s also called the devil’s backbone. Another aspect of this cute, baby producing mother is that it is extremely poisonous. Which I just love so much! It’s like this hidden quality.. now I’m even more intrigued by this weird plant. Not only because it creates babies. Any part of this plant is poisonous, from the root, to the leafs, with the flowers being the most toxic. When you eat from it the poison causes heart failure and it can be fatal for kids and animals, perhaps even adults who are weakened by disease or age.

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