Kimono :3

Yesterday I finally did some work in the kitchen! Home made chicken soup for my fp and it really worked because today he’s feeling a bit better. I’m so happy! Made me feel really good, also to cook dinner although it’s something that can make me very nervous.

Today there was a beautiful winter sun and we both felt good enough to go outside to enjoy the weather. We saw some picturesque places in the old city center. Which I enjoy very much. I’m always looking for the very beautiful old houses and buildings with those tiny windows. Today we saw very pretty ones with beautiful autumn colors. One day I will live in a house with such windows.. and cats.. preferably in a ‘hofje’ which is a Dutch word for a courtyard with old little almshouses around it.

We went to Episode, we always go there when we are in the neighbourhood. I really love going to secondhand clothing stores, to find some unique item. Just like the green coat I bought there last time. But this time was briliant because I finally found a kimono. I’ve always kept my eyes open to find a kimono that is really my taste but I never felt like: yes, this is the one. And now I finally found a kimono that got that happy colorfull autumn feel to it. Which gives me romantized fantasies about summer days on my balcony wearing my kimono.. sipping chai latte with a purring cat and plants that are all happy growing there.. In this fantasy I don’t kill them.. With my fp by my side of course ^^

Now I can do a bondage shoot with RopeMarks wearing my own kimono! I’m feeling so happy! Inspired and creative and did I mention happy? 🙂

I will add some photo’s but will post better ones when I have properly hung the kimono in my living room. There is an empty space where I can hang something but all this time I didn’t find the right art for it. I’m not sure if it will look great but we’ll see 🙂

It has super pretty autumn colors with flowers and brown leaves… and a lot of gold details that really make me melt.. :3 In autumn I’m always coming back to myself so I feel super connected to the vibe of this season, that’s why I think this kimono is perfect for me 🙂

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