Latex Rubber Doll

Just received some pictures from the rubber doll shoot that I did with Cojac. We’re so happy with the results! At least I am with the pictures I’ve seen so far. I’ve written about this day and that it was difficult for me to do a shoot while being in a depression but I’m glad you don’t see it on the photo’s. At the time I felt like I was just doing something that didn’t work and I was nervous that the photo’s wouldn’t turn out great. But they did, so that’s a huge relieve. Although I don’t look like me, with the wig and everything, I do think the vibe from the photo’s is me, being myself. Because that’s what I focussed on that day. To not run off in some different mindset in order to do the photoshoot. Just going with the flow, even if that meant having to deal with black outs and feeling really insecure. Also did that during the last photoshoot with RopeMarks and those just turned out the be the photo’s that captured my real energy the best so far. It makes me happy to see the results and actually recognize myself. Whoop whoop! Anyway, enough bla bla, I’ll share a few but there are more to come soon enough.. Xx

Think that little skirt is super cute :3 This was the first set, so was the most difficult, mentally. I love wearing latex and feeling it. Touching the rubber and feeling the lube that makes it shine so pretty. Just got to keep touching it.

My boobs just got bigger! Actually still really love to be turned into a lust object 🙂 That never changed. I really loved that location too, it has something raw. I crave those rustic vibes. Finally got to wear those boots again that Chris Hammer gave to me. They are so badass!!

Yay, smiles! Reds and warm colours are my favorites, I love that!! Also why I got a deep red painted wall in my appartment. I need warmth and loving! ❤ That’s also why I love warm coloured hair but I’m pale and white as fuck. Brrr… Totally in chill mode there 🙂 I love doing shoots! And those big filled lips and pumped up boobs! They both look a bit ridiculous. Which is what makes it so great.

This was the last outfit we did. Was my first time wearing a catsuit! And I got a really christmas glittery one! I love all the warm colours here again. I love old wood, deep warm reds and even oker, oh my god.. is there something like coming home in colours? I had so much fun doing this set. To get into that kitten mindset, was my first time! And it was amazing, I love exploring different mindsets so much! Makes me come alive in a way. Miauww.. Love the collar too, just need to be collared sometimes.. hmm… 🙂 Lol, my eyes are weird haha, but that’s me.. I got weird eyes 😛

Some music I’m listening to right now:

Somehow it makes me remember who I am 🙂

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