Last night I dreamed about finding myself repeatedly in haunted houses. In which the people in it would change into scary demons. When I escaped from the houses one time Chester Bennington was there. Being his kind and caring self. When we were talking he literally got my back. Actually I felt like I couldn’t really stand on my own feet so he was holding me up. Another time he was there after I came out of a scary haunted place, I watched him save a little dog from a lot of pain.

The demons had come from a computer or something and I felt like it was my fault. That I unconciously let the demons in. There were people going into the house eventhough I warned them, they would come out screaming. At some point I cut my hair in the middle of my forehead. So weird. Later on I was at some institution or hospital kind of place. Where I saw this girl who said to me that she would like to hang out unless I was some crazy borderliner. So I walked off saying, well bye then. In a room I found my brown wig. Then in the last room I was in I met Chester again.

When I woke up I looked him up on youtube and found this video.

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