Today Roy is telling me about the Masked Bandits, who search to find the hope to reconnect and see the good in life. The strenght to pull through when you thought you had nothing left. He takes off his mask and then his hat. All this time it was hiding the long white hair of Thrandull and now we’re on our way from Mirkwood to the Shire to meet a folk of little people, like me. We go to the hobbits for a big birthday party, where he let’s me listen to old stories about dragons. It’s a never ending story about the fading of Fantasia. The Nottingness replaces the hopes and dreams of mankind. There I meet my own luck dragon and fly away into a great world of dark and light. Devided by a powerfull dark crystal that we need to find, to reunite, to repare the balance and save the world. We lose our way in the forrest though, almost sink in the swamp of sadness. The swamp that would stain us forever. Trapped in the illusions of the Goblin King we have to trust those who guide us. But our guide is tall and dark, like a forrest full of mysteries.. it’s the Faun that speaks in riddles, he who gives us tasks to test us but eventually those tests will help us find our way home.. Sitting by the fire he tells great stories about men with the most beautiful whistles, card playing devils and death. Evil witches that silence little girls and turn boys into ravens.. this storyteller used to know the stories so well. Old myths about three brothers who tried to fool death. The most powerfull wand in the world of wizardry and the chosen boy who becomes it’s master and saves the world.. ❤

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