A new way to be

Just recieved this text from a friend:

“So far, the disorders we have described have traditionally been
considered syndromes, which – like physical illnesses – are not
part of people’s basic character structure. When treated appropriately,
these syndromes usually remit and people return to
normal functioning, at least for a while.
But personality disorders are different. They are disorders of
people’s basic character structure – so there is no ‘normal functioning’
to return to. The personality disorders themselves are
people’s ‘normal’ way of functioning, and appropriate treatment
means learning entirely new ways of being.”

3 reacties op ‘A new way to be

    1. It sure seems that way. When I’m in a mental breakdown it’s super present again. Or when I’m triggered but now, most of the time, it’s more like voices in the background and urges that I need to let go off instead of responding to them. It can be difficult but not impossible.


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