Knife twister

Great. Night writings.. Just woke up in the middle of the night. The wine didn’t knock me out til morning. And here it is again. So fucking clear. The man I love left me yesterday. By text message and now he’s unreachable. So I just text him anyway because I can just say anything I want, he won’t recieve any of my texts. It’s so fucking sad or I’m just a sick fuck. I am not going to stop. He can leave me but I will not let him go. Not now. Not ever.

I am the one waiting at the ferry. I am the one waiting at the train station. Wearing your clothes. I am the one knowing where you go and where you sleep. Haunting you the way you haunt me.

Don’t leave me alone in a world where I cannot find you.

I am the darkness you feel near. That shadow, nobody wants to see. That creature no one wants to know. That your friends warned you about. That thing that you run away from.

I touch your pain. Awakening the darkness inside you. I make you feel. Making you feel alive and that scares you. Making you feel your own darkness and your restlessness. I’m the knife twister.

I am the pain you cannot bare to look into the eye. The demon that you don’t want to face. That truth that stings like a needle. I am the thorn in your eye. And I am coming for you.

Since your pain weakens you, you scare so easily..

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