Social media free

Today I started working again after a long time. Had a threesome date with Tess. I’m very selective in who I go on an escort date with right now. There are many respectless people texting me, like always. Which I’m not even responding to anymore. Threesome dates are my favorite dates anyway. Today was with a regular, I love that too.

It did help to be in the moment, clear my mind and not feel the sadness.

This weekend we are on tour, not sure if I will work much but I’m glad to be with my friends. Away from home and people.

It is a bit strange so far, without social media. Yesterday I deactivated FetLife, Instagram, Twitter, PurplePort, ModelMayhem, Tumblr, Snapchat and Pinterest. What a relieve to just have some peace and quiet.

My blog will be the only window into my life for now. Maybe there will be more updates here instead of all the social media.

So this is me at 7:00 getting ready for work. Oh got my nails done yesterday. Which made me feel a bit better. And I prepared for my friend to come over but he didn’t. Rest of the day was just resting. Until I got really depressed and out of it. Luckely my ex-colleague asked me to come to this nice bar I hadn’t checked out yet. Yay, huggs and beer!

I still will go on doing shoots and might upload content here. Still will go on working but only a special selected group of clients and less often. My blog will be about whatever is on my mind, not just kink and only my kinks. If you don’t like that, go fuck yourself 🙂

Here is the new design I chose. What is actually my taste at the moment. No bimbo kinks here. At the moment… because I change like the seasons 🙂

Going to have dinner with my friends now so bye fuckers! Xx

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