Mindspace narratives (past blog post)

On a cold thursday afternoon in Januari I was loaned out by my boyfriend to Jazzoh, a friend of mine who I had wanted to play with for a while. Some people just have such an interesting, creative and kinky mind! We had been negotiating before hand and I was very excited already the days before the planned scene. As the titel says, this scene was mainly about mindspace narratives. Using mixed bondage material.
This is my favorite picture from the scene. I felt objectified and that’s what is shown here as well. Jazzoh put a blindfold under my hood with an elastic band over it, so it pressed on me tight. He also had made a collar for me and a ball gag as well. I love that he is so creative and that makes wearing the gear more special. I think it fits the way that we are with each other. There is always the exploration of possibilities and the urge to create something new.
Because of the blindfold and gag I was in my own world, I was unable to speak up.  Although, I did have signals, I didn’t had to use them because Jazzoh did check if I was okay and if I could still hold on although the bondage I was in. He would ‘leave’ me in a postion for a while. I would hear him walking around, or put on a new LP. He would come to me to tease me or move me around a bit or just do nothing. Which made everything very intense, since I could only guess what would happen next. I really did enjoy the mindgames and all the thoughts and feelings that come up when being in this other world.

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