Happily and dorky ever after

Here comes another night writing. Since I am awake at night, yet again.. Seems that my mind doesn’t go well with different time zones. And actually this time I feel like opening up about yet another side of me that with the whole bimbofication process is slightly overlooked. What it is.. is that actually I really am a dork. And that just made me laugh out loud, not kidding.

Never in my life have I belonged with the cool kids. Actually together with my geeky outcast friends I was one of the most bullied kids at school. Which didn’t stop me from being myself. However it did contribute to not being able to finish school. Which in the end didn’t matter that much anyway.

Besides being a dork I was also a goth. We had a group of goths at school too but they weren’t nicer at all. Some were real backstabbers. And I was also an introvert loner. Who spended all her time listening to metal and rock bands .. (I got the entire discography of Marilyn Manson.. but don’t own a CD player…nerddd…) or writing deep depressing poetry and drawing naked bimbo slaves during class.

Actually I tried to stay focussed in class at first. Learning didn’t come easy for me. It’s hard for me to concentrate on something boring. My classmates always fooled around and it felt like we didnt do anything in school, which made it feel like a waste of time. So I just started living in my own world even more. Bet that everyone else feels like that during highschool.

Luckely my teachers were awesome, most of them. I ended up being friends with my teachers instead of my classmates. If I was lucky I had a friend in my class, sometimes for a year.

My favorite classes were history, biology, art history, drawing, music and english.

Next to the school was a forrest where I would go often to walk and sing to the trees. Trees are comforting and wise 🙂

ADD anyone? Okay so the dorky stuff. Well I sleep with a stuffed bunny called Pluisje (Fluffy). I didn’t pick the name to be honest I find it a stupid name. Not because I still sleep with it. Just started a few years ago because it made me feel good.

My solution to quit smoking is blowing bubbles instead. It helped me quit after 11 years 🙂

When I take my glasses off or dont wear contact lenses my left eye goes straight to my nose and I can’t see much.. but just enough to see how stupid that looks. Luckely it happens also when I waisted.

Oh! And I really suck at gymnastics, sports in general. Not just because of my eyes. I can’t catch or throw because my hand/eye coördination is fucked up!! I am also just super clumpsy and weak and there is just so much way interesting to me than sports.

Like analising feelings and thoughts. Enjoying music and writing.. basics of my life. Besides dressing up..

I’ve never had a cool job before. Used to always be the odd one out. Even after school.

Spend 1,5 years mostly on volunteering at a shelter for wild birds. I took care of baby birds and oil birds.

And I took care of elderly people with dementia or helped out at a centre for people with chronic psychiatric disorders. Where I felt more comfortable with the “patients” then the staff. They made me leave because of that.

I got a thing with aesthetic and need to be creative and style things. Almost compulsively. A blog on tumblr, pinterest, my home interior or when dressing up..

I’ve studied all kinds of occult philosophies. Mostly self thought.. also got reiki, first and second degree. Divination is my favorite and my speciality is psychometry. The ‘reading’ of objects and photo’s. Even been part of a coven for about a year.

My favorite season is autumn. I love pumpkins and cinnamon, chai tea and curry for dinner.. All going for coziness and warmth. Feeling comfortable at home.

That is what I love about England, Schotland, Ireland.. the cozy places in NewYork. The Harry Potter movies and the Lord of the Rings. I love English detectives, costume drama’s, british comedy like Monty Pyton or Little Brittain. And I love indie, artistic, experimental music and movies.. the cult movies. And interesting subcultures like the deathrock scene and grunge period. And strange art. Going to the museum or a vintage store to find weird stuff.

And that is mostly why I am actually a dork 🙂

With love,

Arienh Xx ❤

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