The porn lifestyle

Just curled up on the couch after filming with Rick Angel. Daddy picked me up at the location and just put me under a blankie :3 Little bimbo doll worked today! The best thing is that it didn’t feel like work at all! It was so much fun! Rick made me squirt too, tho I’m not sure if it is filmed. Took him one second to make me squirt! This time I was less overwhelmed by the pressure building up. Instead now I am more accepting and don’t feel the pressure to stop the squirting from happening. It is not possible anyway. Otherwise it would be forced out of me. Which could be a fun kink but no, I really like squirting. It’s super intense. Which I really love! Amazing intense experiences.. 😀

This time I could just be myself. No need to take out my nose ring. Could just doll up like I always do and feel more myself than in my past video’s. Which is great! Even tho I am shy in the beginning, it’s gone as soon as we’re having sex.

And I’ve noticed that, although in the past my huge pussy made me uncomfortable that is entirely gone now. Which makes me so happy! To feel comfortable with my body. You have given me such sweet comments and support too! Now I am proud of my pussy and don’t feel ashamed of being different.

The last few days I even started wearing some cute small crystal plugs. Daddy gave me a cute red one and a purple one. People who follow me for some time know that to me that is a really big step. I’ve tried it before sometimes but I still feel scared and triggered a lot but it’s my choice now to experiment with the plugs and see where it goes. I hope one day my fear will fade away and I’ll be as comfortable with anal play as I am with my pussy at the moment. And if not then that is okay too.

Also I feel this tension about what is going on in the bimbofication scene. Since some people don’t accept me as a bimbo doll because I have small natural boobs instead of big implants. In the end what matters is what makes me feel good. The thing is I love my natural boobs and I love bimbo’s with big boobs too. Just can not have both. I really want to know what it is like to have big bimbo boobs. Some days I have horrible boob cravings. Guess they are more special when you are made by someone. Just like with my nose ring. So it has a kinky side to it. But often men who want to give me boobs want to own me. More like claiming. I really am allergic to being claimed. Otherwise I might already be more bimbofied. If the connection is really there I will submit naturally and give myself. No need to claim at all! Anyway, no need to hurry. In any case I’m feeling more comfortable in my skin and start to know my body much better. Being a sex worker helps a lot!

I’m looking forward to doing the other video with Rick Angel tomorrow morning!

Feel like I’m in a really positive mindset lately. Protecting my limits and having new experiences 🙂 Traveling by myself for example.

Finally met my childhood hero Rubberdoll when I went to Exxxotica, New Jersey with the Porn Nerd! Been following her since I was 13! Her site was my first introduction with the fetish world. Good way to start! 😛 To finally meet her was a dream come true! She is super sweet and her show was amazing!

Time for me to chill now 🙂

With love,

Arienh Xx

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