Exxxotica, New Jersey

Yesterday I arrived on the airport in Paris where my Daddy picked me up.

Last night I slept 13 hours and I’m still fighting of a cold. So I’m taking it slow and process the whole trip. Will write about it in little pieces.

My Parisian Daddy just showed me the Adriana Chechik fleshlight! He’s working so the whole room is filled with boxes, stuffed with sex toys. He knows I’m a fan of Adriana. Which is funny because I don’t do anal. Plus, all other girls I follow have really big bimbo boobs. Still to me she is the greatest 🙂 I love her video where she is an anal princess for a BBC. I love that she knows her body perfectly and has the greatest bimbo expressions, mindset and a real talent as a porn actress. What I love mostly about her is her face 🙂

My Daddy and I agree that I should get a fleshlight made of my pussy! 😛 Since it is quite unusual..

When the Porn Nerd and I went to Exxxotica I got the chance to meet Adriana. She is super sweet! There were only guys as fans there but I didn’t care. She seemed surprised at first but later I saw more girl fans now coming to meet her which was super cool! You guys, give us girls some room to meet our favorite actresses too! Xx

There were more amazing girls at Exxxotica but won’t write about them all in one blogpost.

I felt like a newbie and dorky nerd next to my idols but you never know when my time will come 🙂 On the other hand, all the porn stars started out some time. One side of me was looking up to them and one side saw the girls behind the fantasy they are for work. Their image. Being sensitive and having the Porn Nerd by my side leading most of the conversations, I’d just observe, using my intuition to feel if the girls were happy and in a good place. Which is what is most important. In the American scene I am a complete newbie which allows me to observe situations better. I don’t mind people seeing me as a silent dumb girl. I know myself. Plus it fits my bimbo goals.

Some people offered me work immediately but whatever the offer and whoever the agent was.. I always take a step back to see what is really going on here. It’s not difficult to make out peoples intensions. I keep close to myself and my gut feeling, I’m not afraid that I won’t have money because of my escort work. So it’s easier to choose my business partners with a clear head. Besides that, I am not in a hurry. My time will come and I will be prepared when she does.

Hopefully one day I will meet some of the girls again and actually have an interesting conversation about how they started in the porn business and how they view their carreer now. What they learned and if their life goals have changed. Actually having a normal conversation with the girl behind the fantasy 🙂

Exxxotica is not the right place for that. It is a work place. Hopefully I’ll come back one day 😉

Coming back to the USA for AVN depends on my scedual in januari. I might be working the whole month in Club Velvet, Geneva. Otherwise it would be great to go with the Porn Nerd, at least if he’ll have me again of course. So amazing that he flew me in to take me to Exxxotica! He also helped me starting up my website. It is not finished yet but at least this noob got some files to start with! 😀

Looking forward to working in Club Velvet too. So if I go there instead of AVN will be a great experience eighter way.

At Exxxotica I also met my Fetlife friend NJKidnapper! So nice to have finally met you and wish we had more time to talk!

Here is a picture he made Xx

By the way, this purple body was a gift from my Parisian Daddy. It’s one of my favorite outfits to wear. Super soft and comfy 🙂 Got so many compliments from other porn and cam girls! Sweeeeet! ^^

Music: Bittersweet Symphony – The Verve

With love,

Arienh Xx ❤

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