Bimbo process

Since my last blog post was called “Skin” I could call this one “tight skin” because that’s how my lips feel at the moment! Last sunday I went to my usual clinic with my best friend Gesch! We know each other for 11Ā  years! Love you hun! It was so much fun to go together! This time I didn’t go to my usual doctor, which is always a bit exciting. Also we tried the Russian method on me which is a bit different than how the injections were done the last two times I got my lips done. It was painfull but I like how that makes me high. The doctor was hot too btw, I don’t mind feeling his hands and injections again šŸ˜›

I have serious cravings to get more cosmetic procedures/sugery done but there is a time for everything, it’s a fucking expensive lifestyle. Oh my god! Btw, it’s not because I am not happy with my body. I feel blessed, it’s just like upgrates to me. That fit well with my goals in life šŸ™‚ But the beginning is the hardest part! I’m at that door and want to walk through and go all the way šŸ˜€

Had a really great sunday with Gesch, we went into the city (Amsterdam) and checked some really cool stores that I wanted to check out. I always go looking for the slutty bimbo clothes. Running to the high heels, fancy bags, pink outfits and anything sparkly. It comes more natural now. I just gravitate around pink and glitter lol! My Parisian Daddy has been programming my little bimbo brain for already a few years? And before him another friend has been working on sluttifying me. That’s about 4 years. He got me into contact with BukkakeMadness and in contact with my escort agent. I am forever gratefull! So many people on my path are so helpfull to me! My friends in France who help me get gigs and now also my American Daddy will fly me over to New York, awesomeness!! Yes, I keep repeating how thankfull I am. In like almost every blog post lol! But it’s true, almost can’t believe all the things that are happening in my life. It’s crazy and I looooove that!

Oh, I tried snapchat.. so another reason why I’ve been uploading more selfies to my social media accounts. I love my fresh filled lips mostly during the first 1 – 2 weeks. When they are swollen and the skin is tight and they look rediculous. On the edge of what the fuck?! Haha.

I will shut up and post some pictures šŸ˜› Thought it’s also fun to post a before/after picture of me without make up and with make up, also no filters šŸ˜‰

collage 2018-10-23 11_48_42886643636..jpg

I just re-shape my face with make up. So if I’d get procedures done by a doctor it’s just to make me have to do less in the morning šŸ˜› Still wearing my invisible crown tho! What did I do to my chin?! Oh fuck it! šŸ˜› I wish I was real plastic..

Gesch gave me that scarf! Actually two. We always used to wear these scarfs and give them to each other. He still has one I gave him like 10 years ago.


I got two cute pink ones! He’s also super supportive when it comes to my whole bimbo transformation. We both love body mods and working on out appearance. Reaching goals and being yourself whatever the fuck people say šŸ™‚

Sometimes I feel that people don’t approve of my lifestyle or how I look but it’s my life. IĀ  have to live it, I take the consequences too.

Some guy offered me a few bucks to have sex with me somewhere outside.. I didn’t even look slutty! Just walking in the city in between appointments. Normal wednesday morning.. It’s a fun kink but when something like that happens I feel very disrespected. So I told him and walked away. He was already pulling his cash out of his pockets. I guess that’s a good response to have as a bimbo tho. Luckely a lot of people, especially in the kink scene understand better what I’m doing here.

My bukkakeparty is scedualed on December 14th, I’m so happy! This time I might even bring someone with me to watch.. he loves bimbo slaves so will be fun!

I am happy to be able to do more kinky things again besides being a bimbo fuck doll. Miss being in bondage and being gagged and used. What this all started with! Which is not really possible at work, grrrr.. Anyway, it’s perfect for the objectification part!

Luckely the brainwashing goes well. I’d like to try more bimbo hypno stuff too again. Like I used to but not many people know how to do this.

I made this Snapchat photo/video while dumbing down šŸ™‚ Actually should go on in a loop!

Bubbles pop inside my tiny bimbo brain.. gold glitter spiraling.. peacefull bliss in nothingness.. coming home to myself, I’m letting go like autumn leaves.. pink fluffy clouds and little barbie dreams..

Lol! Duming down while wearing glasses, it’s a funny contrast. I cannot see anything without my glasses or contact lenses!

When I feel that dumb and empty there should be a cock shoved down my throat šŸ˜‰ Conditioning like a Pavlov dog! I also think that it helps how my Daddies always supported me and complimented me on becoming more bimbo, more slutty, more dollified. Anything pink is good! Girly sparkly things are good! I never really liked pink before when I was a teen. Used to be goth. So they did a great job!! On the process I mean. Not that being goth is a bad thing. Who also went through that I believe is Alicia Amira, she’s still very alternative but super bimbo and pink obsessed!

It’s all conditioning and mental brainwashing but that’s what I love and want to keep going.

My mind is all over the place at the moment, maybe I’m nervous for flying to New York. But before I go there, I’m going to Nuit Demonia again! Yayyy!! I made an appearance on French tv in the aftermovie from last year. At 2:28 minutes. This was only one year ago!!


Also found someone who tagged me in her own blog called A Leap of Faith saying:

“I found Sensing submission midweek, I think via Twitter. Her posts are candid and well written, but Bukkake Madness, in particular, made me smile.”Ā – A Leap of Faith.

Think it was some time ago already! Want to thank you for your compliment! So nice to hear people actually appreciate my writings šŸ˜›

Although I feel like I haven’t written anything really intense like the post about my bukkake party in ages. Hopefully more fun will follow soon when I’m traveling. Will try to write more often during the trip to keep you posted.

OH MY GOD! I just got a gift from my Amazon Wishlist! From Dr. Robert Biowski! Thank you Sir! So going to make pictures wearing your gift! šŸ˜€ Really awesome!


Big kisses! Got dolling up to do! Xx ā¤

Music: Ciara – 1, 2 step

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