So there’s another side of me that I hardly ever show. Because I can be most critical of myself. But aren’t we all? Almost never sing or share. It’s just a little sample. You can find it at the bottom.

Life’s been crazy. Got much to write about but in some cases it’s better that I don’t. Living the life but I cannot really get into detail about things at the moment.. 😦 Xx

I’ve had a great week at work and now finally time to chill.. and sing too. Meeting my family and friends 🙂 Monday is a working day again.

This week I had a date so fucking amazing.. back home I was still glowing. The point is that I didn’t expect it. Not to be just touched but really fucking touched! Then I thought: fuck this is a working date.. damnit! Could’ve been a normal date too 😛 Although, then I would’ve stayed. Which I can not do of course when I’m on an escort date. I hadn’t felt that primal lust in a long time. Some men just know how to handle me, throwing me through the bed like a rag doll… without scaring the fuck out of me. Just that sexual tension, fuck… You just want to tear each other apart but tease mostly instead 😛

Besides that I just really love to meet new people for sex, it’s exciting to me to have sex with strangers. Got a love/hate relationship with the nerves..

Though I don’t feel like meeting someone for regular dates at the moment. No time for that anyway. No time for fuckboyz, should print that on a t-shirt and wear it..

With my Daddies far away in other countries I’ve been spending my days like a workaholic.. Even at home too. Re-decorated my bedroom. Painted my wall pink, feels more bimbo and girly now 🙂 Did a few photoshoots in preparation of building my own site.

Dolly got a completely new morning routine set from Kedma Cosmetics this week. With a luxury serum as well as a free VIP membership and facial treatment. When I come back after two months we will check the results. I’m curious, the products feel amazing on my skin. Hope that it really will work wonders.

There was a time I didn’t care about skin care, make-up, girly stuff, becoming plastic… but now it’s normal and I don’t think about it anymore. Daily routines, doll make up, self care.. 🙂 And serious boob cravings! Oh my god, sometimes it becomes so intense it makes me feel restless. I crave being plastic, becoming plastic.. oh well. That’s why I work, work, work!

Oh! And I got a DHL package that should’ve been delivered at my place but I was working so they put a note in my mail box but no way for me to collect the delivery. There was no deliverynumber or anything filled in.. so don’t know what to do about that. Don’t know who send me something :O but it’s delivered to Arienh.

But work makes me feel good. And all my clients were so great! They pull me through when I am having an “off” day. They leave happy and I do too. They might need that hug but I do too.. I love to create this place where everything is okay, just be yourself. I’ll listen, be there. Your fantasy and distraction from the difficulties in life. Give you what you need to feel alive. It goes both ways 🙂

Music: Marriages – Skin

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