Difference between escort and sugar baby..

This is something I’ve stumbled on, or am confronted with, many times. Does anyone really know the difference? Where is the line and what is actually the difference. I couldn’t really say for sure. So I will just write about what is the difference between being an escort and a sugar baby from my own perspective. Since as some of you might know, I am an escort professionally and a sugar baby just because I am a curious explorer of Sugar Land.. maybe we will figure out the difference through this writing!

Rolled into both the escort world and sugar land very casually. Yes I use the word escort and sugar in the same sentence as the word casual.. While in fact, I am a professional escort. So that makes the biggest different between being in contact with my daddies. With clientsΒ I ususally don’t have contact or not much contact in between dates. Only to negotiate the escort dates. Simply because I’m paid for my time and services.

My sugar daddies have contact with me on a daily basis, very casually, tho sometimes about work related subjects too. They help me with things that come up, that I might need help with. They support me mentally when I feel like I’m stuck or don’t know how to deal with a situation. Because they want to, nobody has to do anything, that also includes any financial support. I also don’t ask for the finacial support, while when I need someone to talk to or need help for work I always ask. When I am with a client it’s the other way around, I ask for money but I do not ask their guidance when it comes to my work projects. When I am on an escort date I have sex, if that’s what my client wants. I don’t need to have sex with my sugar daddy if I don’t feel like it.. I might be a bimbo but after I was being thoroughly used by two huge cocks double penetrating me for a movie production I didn’t feel like having sex for the rest of the day.. And I didn’t have to because I didn’t have any escort dates planned after recording the video’s.

Seems very logical right? For SeekingArrangement (SA) it wasn’t logical, they kicked me off their site. Didn’t tell me why tho but I can guess. They are strongly against escort girls using the site to find work. There are so many other sites where you can post ads to reach out to potential clients. So what’s the point of using Seeking Arrangement for that? At least I know that to me there is a difference between the two scenes. I get that they don’t have the time to look into every potential escort and just block when there is suspision. I didn’t wrote about it on my SA profile but I think they guessed because of my photo’s and interest in kink.

Also, the sugar world can be an alternative for a vanilla relationship, it can still be romantic if you are into that. While I don’t feel like escort dates are an alternative for a relationship.. because it doesn’t get personal. At first I didn’t really know how that all worked, Seeking Arrangement and the sugar community. So I went with the flow.. just sensing what felt right to me and what is benefitial to both sides. Just like in the kink community you have to find someone with similar interests, similar goals.. there is a match for you but you might not find it that easily. To be honest, I wasn’t searching on SA. I just made a profile, as a bit of an experiment. To see if it would be something for me or not. Just me being curious… πŸ™‚

All I know is that the connection I have with my daddies grew naturally. I didn’t meet them with the intention to become their sugar baby. When I met my Parisian I didn’t even know about the sugar community. We were online friends for about a year before we actually met in Amsterdam and he asked me to come visit him in Paris. He has a very deep understanding of bimbofication and we are both very much into that. He guides me during my bimbofication process. He’s got my back when people are being mean because what I do is considered controversial.. not socially accepted.

With my American Daddy it was different. We did find each other on Seeking Arrangement, yes. We didn’t send many messages back and forth but he told me he worked in the porn scene. What he did I didn’t ask. It was around the time that I was doing my first porn movies. So it didn’t matter to me on which site we met or that I wasn’t really sure what having a sugar daddy really meant.. I just wanted to meet him and hear everything about his lifestyle and the work he does, the porn scene etc. I am just super curious and all ears.


Doing make up practise for my Daddy πŸ™‚

Both my daddies support me in different ways. They are there for me when I need guidance, wether it’s with private matters, work related or for fun as a kink. I am not a BDSM slave to them, tho I can be submissive to them. Which I do out of choice and not because it is demanded or asked of me. I only show my submission to them because I love and respect them so much that I want to and submit naturally.. in the daily things in life, not just during a BDSM scene. Remembering what they are into, what they like.. and I do that even when they don’t ask me to πŸ™‚ Their happiness is my happiness.

When I am on an escort date it is different. I want to make my client happy because that makes me happy as well. In a way that is submission, even if it means I have to be a Domme. I am submitting to their wishes and that brings me joy, even though it is my job. It has a professional aspect, which means that it has a limit and also makes the experience different. Still super fun but different. I do give as much of myself as possible tho. It strongly depends on the connection I have with my client and the situation.

Sometimes people get into contact with me, saying they want to be my sugar daddy. I always ask a few questions to figure out what they really want and if they are the sort of person I would like to be a sugar baby of. Often they want to come across as a potential sugar daddy but it’s very clear that they are looking for one or a few escort dates. Which is also fine, it is just a different connection. I am sensitive enough to feel those subtile differences and sort out what it is someone wants. Same with people who want to work with me on photo and video projects. Some just want to have a sort of escort date but don’t want to pay me for it. Which is utterly respectless. Just as bargaining about my rates. It says more about the potential client than me. You want something special, then just pay for it. If you want to bargain and be cheap, then you make me feel cheap and yourself look cheap.. who wants that?

The connection I have with my sugar daddies is very important to me. They stand the closest to me since they get to know about all aspects of my life. It is a super free connection though, I’m not telling them what to do and they, well they tell me what to do when I need help πŸ˜› but I am as free as a bird. Which is like the most important thing in my life right now. To feel free. Not cheap! πŸ˜›


Dolling up for my daddy’s, I know they like it when I take care of myself, dress up and look girly and be a good bimbo dolly! πŸ™‚

They help me out and make it possible for me to travel. Oh my god, now that is what makes me feel so free and I get all these exciting experiences and meet new people! I am so thankfull, I cannot even express it in words!

My clients on the other hand make it possible for me to have exciting experiences too. They make it possible for me to have enough free time to do the photoshoots. Instead of having to make many hours at a mundane job, that would make me feel so caged and bored. This way I have time to do the things I really want to do: creating content, travel the world, meet people and have exciting experiences.

So I think I have been through the differences now. It isn’t very nice to be blocked of a site because of being an escort, since I just like to explore the sugar scene as well. But it’s not like I am in need of anything now anyway. It is fun to meet new people tho. Luckely there are many online platforms for that and people come across my blog sometimes too!

If you contact me please be sure to know what it is you are looking for, there is so much possible but if you aren’t clear about what you want then I cannot help you easily.

My daddies are both working in the adult scene, in their own way. That’s why they can help and guide me. It isn’t necessary but this way there is a deeper understanding of each other which makes the connection besides being fun also benefitial to both of us in a professional way.


Slipping into doll space to show my daddy I am a good submissive and usefull bimbo barbie doll.


If I left anything out please let me know πŸ™‚

Xx Arienh


Music: The Beach Boys – Good Vibrations

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