18 hours

Hi all, this is a bit of a sleepy morning writing. Glad there’s coffee! As usual I have been super busy lately. Especially yesterday was crazy! Considering doing photoshoots is part of my job now. I am working hard to do and organize future photoshoots to make new content for my website! So yay! Lot of work going on behind the scenes!

Anyway, I got out of bed at 6:00 and did a cool shoot, which is so much fun but still I was so tired when I finally arrived back home at 19:00. Then dropped by bag and suitcase to switch is for me escort bag that I already prepared for the date the night before! At 19:30 I was already freshened up and on my way to my date! Oh my! When I was on the train back home from the shoot I thought, fuck how am I going to be energetic and presentable!! Also I was still worrying about some business things that I had to discuss. It was draining my energy. So here comes the solution! 😛 First, change my often a bit dark rock music to cheesy hits from the 00’s! To ease my mood and raise my energy level. Having a moment to freshen up and eat dinner helps a lot. Did you know that avocado for example have some nutrients that make you feel happy? Well I always eat some avocado to feel better. Food really can be a medicine! I also got that with basil, even the smell makes me feel better instantly. So I put some basil in my food as well. I’m really a herb nerd, surprise! 😛

Then I saw that my escort dresses all needed to be washed so I put on something cute, got a new red sweater which has that cute cozy feel and a short black circle skirt which looked so cute! And discreet! Which is so important. It made me feel better instantly to dress up again.

Before the date I finally got to get that business preparations of my mind! It was so difficult for me! Because I have to think like a business woman now. Look ahead to the future and be thoughtfull about all posibilities and make sure that things will work out the best way possible for my future company, while also not wanting to get in the way of people I work with and care about. I want our work to be benefitial to all parties but also need to take care of my business. It’s good for me to start thinking differently but oh my, often I want to run away from that so hard! These are the times when I do miss coming back to a boyfriend, crash on the couch in his arms, hearing him say that everything will be alright! I am so lucky that I see my Daddies often and that they give me all the support I need to pull through. I love them and my friends so much for standing by me during these hectic times. Fuck! Just really haven’t got words to describe how glad I feel!

I never really write about my escort dates because being discreet is very important to me. But what I can say is that I had a date with one of my favorite clients! Sometimes you just have a good connection and it becomes the easiest GFE date, naturally. So he gave me lots of positive energy! It’s funny to look so cute all dressed up decent, carrying my escort bag around filled with kinky outfits, high heels and sex toys. Knowing what I will be doing later. Oh my! I just think that is the best part ever. I just love it! I brought a completely new fetish outfit for my date! Which made us both super happy and horny 😛 Also he gives the most wonderfull cuddles! The fun thing is that, although I am there for a business arrangement (technically…) I absolutely was so in need of cuddles at that moment. He was truely healing me!

Sometimes I have clients who always question if what I do and say is real. It always upsets me a little bit because being true is very important to me, whatever I do. When I am with a client I share my energy with them, giving a little part of myself. That is special and I think shouldn’t be questioned. How can you see truth if you question it to begin with? But when I have such amazing dates like yesterday I feel happy and just know that if you can be that comfortable with each other and connect so easily, it can only be because you are both honest, real and open to each other. It makes me realise that I feel very happy and know that this is what I want to do and that I am doing what makes me happy. And because of that I make my clients happy too 🙂

Although I have been super busy and have been tired a lot I realised yesterday when I was on the train back from the shoot, that what I do now is exactly what I always wanted when I was younger. Always I’ve been curious about doing sex work. From the very beginning when I just started to explore sex. Also, whenever I saw fetish models online or kinky porn stars I thought: Wow! What would that be like?! I always envied them thinking that I could never do that myself. Somehow I have attracted all that I wanted into my life to make the right choices for me when I felt like I had to. Every little baby step on this way makes me happy! It’s like a gift every time. My goals are always on my mind now, I am very focussed and sometimes I might live in my own world because of that. But on the other hand I’m standing with my two feet in this life right now. In this moment. Which makes me feel stronger than I ever felt. Doing what I want to do and getting closer to my goals is really hard work but it’s all worth it to me.


Just want to take this moment to thank my Daddies for their support and love! And my co-workers who are always there and who I work with so easily. I feel so glad! You give me all these amazing experiences through helping me with my escort work. I want to thank all the people I have done photoshoots and porn scenes with so far! And all the people who made that possible for me! Thank you truely and I hope more great experiences and work will follow! I want to thank all my friends for standing by me, even though sometimes I can be so busy with my projects that I am not always present and that sometimes you might want to stuff me right back where I came from 😛 Because I’m just so full of work, work, work… not leaving any room to chill the fuck down! And of course all my followers and friends online! You make this all possible for me through your support and believe in me! You are the best! Xx Without you there is no work to be done, no dreams to make a reality!

Now I am going to get ready for another photoshoot that I have this afternoon/evening! After the shoot I can keep the hotel room near Utrecht! So I am available for work dates this evening! Yay! 😀

With love! Xx Arienh

Music: Clubbed to death – matrix soundtrack

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