Lost in Amsterdam ~

Just got into my own bed after going to Cap d’Agde with my Parisian Daddy and then staying with my American Daddy in Amsterdam. On monday, last week Q. and some friends from Cap d’Agde went to a big porn production of Marc Dorcel to play a walk-on part. Which was super fun! My girl was with me, she was the perfect manager and personal assistant, aside from my Daddy and our friends who were so supportive! Most of us had catched a cold, including me. My Daddy got me some French meds who were really strong so I absolutely spaced my brains out most of the time during the producting. It felt like the meds sucked me into doll space most of the time. Like a trance, I was very relaxed but spacing. Luckely everything went well anyway! The porn video was filmed at Club Taken in Paris, never have I been to a more beautiful club! It was amazing, just breath taking.. That evening my girl and I traveled back to Amsterdam.


The next day I saw my American Daddy in Amsterdam to tell him about my adventures over coffee! He took me into the city to do some shopping too. He said: your in need of Aveda! Which is a very good hair cosmetics brand and we found some cute lingerie. Such a spoiled baby girl. My hair falls out a lot and is very fragile because I’m a natural blonde… bet some Aveda will make that a bit better!

Wednesday was a photoshoot day on which I’ve made mostly custom content! It was fun! Had never done that before, it was quite tough sometimes. Got in to a metal hogcuff for about 20 minutes while being shocked with an electric dog shock collar! Ouch! My arms got a blue because my upper arms were cuffed together and the blood flow stopped making me panic. It was quite intense.

Thursday was supposed to be a relaxing day but I had all kinds of things to do, preparing my travel to New York etc. Planning to make some new content with a photographer I haven’t worked with yet. Well actually several 😛 Wrote my last blog post about Cap d’Agde too. So that was a bit of a nerdy working day!

On friday morning I had an escort date in Amsterdam so I saw my American Daddy again afterwards. My date had left me feel a bit disturbed though. He kept questioning my authenticity. It’s something I’ve heared before. Guys thinking that I am a phony because I am an escort or because I am a bimbo girl. Which makes me a bit sad sometimes, it is important to be to be real. To stay true to myself and others. If people don’t believe in my truth to begin with they will never be open to the possibility that I am true to them and to myself. Which is sad.


Anyway, the Porn Nerd and I were walking throught the city. I start to love Amsterdam more and more, it becomes my home now that I actually explore it. We were having lunch at the Bird as we looked through the window I spotted Demask on the other side of the road! So we had to go take a peek. The lady was super friendly and helped us pick out a little latex dress that actually fit me! Most of the time latex clothes are too big for me but she got it right immediately! It is so pretty! Dark red, a bit like wine red maybe? Oh well, tomorrow I’ve got a photoshoot so you will see it soon enough 😉 When we got home I put the dress on to show it to my Daddy ^^ Next saturday is the Demask party Europerve, might go there depending on how I feel. Still haven’t recovered completely yet. Grr…

We often go to a little coffee shop after sleeping out, it’s run by two ladies. They are great! Not just because they give us our first caffeine fix! Lol! The place is cozy and comfortable I love it! We spend some time to scedual my trip to New York. We will go to Exxxotica. We saw that Rubberdoll is doing shows! Yay! When I was 13 I came across her website. It was the first fetish/kink website that I saw and instantly I was in love! Her sexy bimbo look and latex outfits just were what I dreamed of!! Also can’t wait to see other porn stars there! 😀

Oh I told my Daddy about this cool documentary that I love! It is called “Meet the Fokkens“. It’s about twins that have worked their whole live as window prostitutes in the red light district. A few months ago I saw them in the city when I was cycling passed them and I so wanted to get their autographes! They have such an amazing attitude and are so wise! Also the docu shows how the Red Light Disctrict used to be. I so wished that I could’ve been there, way back when. Just to experience all that years ago. It almost seemed idyllic and I bet that it wasn’t all that great always.. but I’m a dreamer 😛


On saturday night we went into the city to go to Red Light Secrets the museum of prostitution! Which was so much fun! It’s different now to go there and see and read everything now that I do the work myself! They showed some window work spaces and also a luxury room at a club. Or actually what it often looks like. I must say that it’s just my style, what I love and loved in the past too. It’s a bit more kinky, sensual or exotic… rawr..! So I just looked around, to learn and get inspired too. Go through all the stuff and go like “Oh! This I got too!”, “That is such a good idea!” and so on. I just wanted to get into the luxury room with a bunch of glitter bath bombs and just play! Be a little bimbo slut and play 🙂 Love it.

We got some cool souvenirs too 😛 Seriously.. my family doesn’t know what I do for a living and some of my friends don’t know either.. I cannot invite them before completely going through my home and removing stuff like my condom collection (I collect them from parties etc.), sex toys lying round to be charged up, cleaned, drying after being cleaned or ready to be used. Lingerie hanging around to dry after I hand washed them.. High heels lying around and the most obvious… my escort bag and or suitcase lying open in the living room with stuff on top.. lube, massage oils, more toys.. all the stuff I collect from kinky parties and events. Magazines and flyers for working girls. You know, all that stuff that makes me super happy and reflect my life as it is now. Okay today I actually did some clearing out my home because I had been living out of my suitcase.

The museum was super cool! It was a dark and rainy autumn evening o we got into a nice Italian restaurant. I love that cozy autumn feeling.. looking through the window, seeing the rain and city lights! That night we walked through the red light district and saw all the girls and the people there. The places we saw in the documentary. I like the small and cozy alleys. I bet it must have been nice and cozy there too years ago. Less tourist and actually Dutch women working there. Now there are almost no Dutch girls left and mostly young girls. I think women who work tend to work for an escort agency. Anyway, I really like going there. We saw my friend at The Old Sailor too. It’s my favorite bar in the red light district! Told him I’m going to New York, he said to my Daddy, take good care of her, it can be overwhelming. He used to live there for a while 🙂 Autumn in New York… I can’t wait! I’m going to watch some movies filmed in New York! One of my favorite shows is The Nanny, we watched a few episodes together! So I can learn that New York dialect 😛 Fran always looks amazing and she’s such a beautiful bimbo type girl from the 90’s. I also like the movie You’ve got mail, all the autumn coziness!! ❤


Before my American Daddy left today we got coffee at the regular café. The ladies gave me their home made brownie called “Breakup with boyfriend”. Isn’t that an amazing name?! It was so good! A lot of chocolate.. 😛 This morning I tried to be a good dolly and fit in my Daddies suitcase but it wasn’t big enough 😦 Maybe I should try harder.. It would be so great to actually fit in a suitcase! It would make me feel so objectified! Lifegoals 😛 Daddy got my all kinds of things before he went away. Like supplements so I would feel better.. I have been tired a lot or only had energy for a short amount of time. My appetite is a bit off too and I feel nauseous sometimes too or dizzy. Don’t know what’s going on though. Also he got me all kinds of things for my beauty routine. Which I didn’t really had because I’m a bit nerdy and just didn’t have much of a beauty routine besides doing make up. Now I got creams, pads and masks for my face and eye drops for my contact lenses.. so I used those before I got into bed. It makes me feel more bimbo actually. To do the beauty routine for my Daddies and look my best. It felt good to do some health care as well now that I am feeling so tired most of the time.

What I also got this weekend (I am so spoiled, fuck!!!) is a new bike. A few weeks ago my bike just dissapeared or something. I loaned it out and it was gone. I got such a cute bike! It’s turquoise and got no rear carrier so Daddy got it pimped with a black rack on the front, so I can put my escort bag on there 😛 I’m so happy because when I lost my last bike I realised how often I use it! I’m such a Dutch girl, cycling everywhere!

collage 2018-09-24 19_38_361178555906..jpg

Never really did such a writing about my whole week, oh well. Now I’m super late. Wanted to go to bed an hour ago, got a shoot in the morning and got to wake up around 5:30 or something.. blegh!! I love my job, I love my job, I love my job… just not waking up in the morning at crazy times! Excuses for all the grammar mistakes I probably have made with my sleepy head. Not caring at the moment 😉

Music: Moby ‘Lift Me Up’ – Evan Bernard version

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