Webmaster Access 2018

Last weekend I went to Webmaster Access 2018, with The Porn Nerd, at Doubletree by Hilton, Amsterdam. Where we met the people behind PornHub and other porn and cam sites. A lot of companies that sell traffic etc. Something that is still a bit over my head but this was a good opportunity to learn more and get to know the people that I might need in the future. Of course I’ve met all the photographers! Really nice guys and fun to hang out with at the parties.

Really had to get those little bimbo brains working! Luckely there were also parties and gathering of fun people! The last day we met the guys from The Hun! They are around for a while and still standing although the free porn and cam sites are taking over! So much respect for that! Seems that we lived in the same city for some time and going to the same bars! Which is super funny! We also met Vicky Vette and her husband! All very sweet people! Happy to have met you! Xx

After meeting everyone the Porn Nerd and I went to The Bird, which is such a good Thai restaurant, you got to wait in line to get in. Luckely this was on a sunday so we didn’t have to wait that long.

The afterparty was at the Chin Chin Club, Amsterdam. It was really awesome and there were hot girls dancing on stage too 🙂

Finally started camming this last week with my cam girl Lexi @ Thuis.nl. On my Fetlife account I’ll announce when I’m LIVE ON CAM! Last week we did some camming together, was super fun! This friday I’ll see her again at Cap d’Agde for the Swingsy Weekend at Le Jardin de Babylone. In an hour I’ll be heading to Paris to meet my Parisian Daddy.. monsieur Lelo 😉 So it will be work and fun! We go there with our friends from Demonia Store. Who got me into contact with Jacquie et Michel! Hope to discuss more plans to work in the porn scene! Which I look forward to a lot!

Can’t wait to be at Cap d’Agde and just do nothing.. I keep feeling tired lately. Maybe it’s the changing of the weather or all the things that are coming on my path now. It’s a lot to process.

Next month my Parisian Daddy and I are going to Nuit Demonia again! Looking forward to attending a fetish party and see everyone!! Yay! After that weekend The Porn Nerd.. Who is becoming my American Daddy will fly me over to New York. So I go straight from Paris to New York and celebrate Halloween there and after I’ve calmed down from the culture shock that I will probably get, we are going to New Jersey to visit Exxxotica! So he will show me the scene in America! I’m already a bit nervous but looking forward to it!

Lately I’ve started making video’s with my new webcam. Which isn’t the best quality but it’s a start! I do need to learn how to edit the video’s though.. and now I know why being a bimbo goes so well because I have no clue (yet), same with becoming a webmaster one day.. oh my! Got so much to learn I am not sure my little bimbo brain can handle it. So I try to take everything one step at a time. It might go slow but there’s a lot to do and process and also bills need to get paid. Setting everything up takes most of my time and energy but I hope that after all that things will run smoothly and I can finally deliver and enjoy all the fun even more!

Because of this hectic phase I got some people around me unable to deal with my chaotic life, so that why my Dutch Daddy and I separated. Luckely I got a lot of work to do to keep my mind of it. Which isn’t such a good thing to do. Anyway I’m glad that I’m heading to Cap d’Agde and can relax with my friends! Be bimbo and dumb down.. what it all started with. My hobby is a bit blown up now that I’m doing it all professionally. It’s fun but also hard work! Gives me less time to chill and enjoy my kinks.

Got to hurry now! Love you all! Thanks for the support and love! Xx ❤


Music: Way out – Intwine

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