1 Q: Do you have goals to achieve within the next year?
A: Yes, definitely! I am working on setting up a camming station at my home so I can start to do some cam work. Really looking forward to trying that. This month I will do my first porn shoot, I hope all goes well and that it’s something I want to keep doing so I can evolve into the porn scene. Also I am building up a base of clients for my escort work. It’s a bit tough when you start but when everything is running smoothly I can move on with the camming station etc. These are a few of my goals but I have so many.

2 Q: How tall are you and what is your feet size?
A: My feet are european size 36 (actually 35,5 to be exact) and my height is 163cm.

3 Q: Do you like to get dressed up?
A: Absolutely! I love to get dressed up. When I was a kid I already did dress up all the time, even at school. Didn’t care about what others thought of me. I just love to doll up, do my make up etc. It makes me feel relaxed and I like being creative with my looks and change my appearance instead of repeating a certain look all the time. That would start to bore me. Dressing up is the most fun if it’s for someone else. I like to find out what someone is into and make my own version of this to surprise him. Being dolled up by someone is also a lot of fun!

4 Q: As an escort do you take ordinery men too?
A: The profession of my clients do not matter to me, they can be as ordinary as they can be professional. What matters is that they are respectfull and take care of themselves. Just like they want me to be neat I prefer my clients to be neat too. My clients are well mannered and speak English or Dutch well enough to have a conversation.

5 Q: Do you have a partner?
A: Yes and no.. I have two Daddies 🙂 One in Paris and one in Amsterdam. They take care of me and support me, both in their own way. I am free to do what I want sexually and share my experiences with them, by telling them after or having them present.

6 Q: Do you have any goals looks wise or want to be able to do something with your body?
A: For now I don’t have plans for the short term. I am fine with how I look but I do love to keep using injectables. Botox and fillers. Never thought that I needed any of that but I absolutely love becoming a bimbo doll and the lifestyle that comes with it. I just love that look. The thing is, I do like to be a little girl as well as being a bimbo doll. At some point I will have to make a choice. Because often little girls don’t have fake boobs. I do however feel that I want to get implants eventually to be that fuck doll all the time. People will know what I am for, even if they don’t know me. I really like that 🙂

7 Q: What kind of music are you into?
A: Mostly grunge, experimental music and scandinavian folk. Different rock and metal genres, for example stoner rock. I do like some electronical music as well, preferably a bit dark and minimalistic. Some of my favorite artists are: Chelsea Wolfe, Alice In Chains, SubRosa, Aurora, Emma Ruth Rundle, Jon Hopkins, Danheim and Wardruna.

8 Q: Is the camming and porn a full time job for you at the moment?
A: Doing escort work, porn and photoshoots is what I do for a living, I have no mundane side job. I’d like to do cam work as well.

9 Q: Has kink always been part of your life or did it evolve over time?
A: I have always been submissive by nature, thinking that everyone was like me and that my behavior was the norm because that is how kids think. The more I cared about my loved ones the more I would submit to them. Later on I had to learn what my own limits were. As a thrill seeker I have always been interested in the darker side of life. My sexual life has never been vanilla, it was kinky from the start, though I wasn’t really aware of it at the time.

10 Q: The escort work must be so interesting getting to see people from so many different walks of life. What would you say your normal job is as an escort and how does it go?
A: Meeting people and learning about their sexual preferences and kinks is a large part of what I like most about being an escort. My clients are really diverse and they often like very different things. What I love most is to explore with them, sometimes my clients experience something new or they give me a new experience. They challenge me to learn more skills within the world of sex and kink. To explore new mindsets and take on different roles. This way I get to learn a lot about male sexuality and my own sexuality as well. I enjoy sharing my sexual energy with different people, which can be very intense or sensual and is a creative force. Being an escort makes it possible for me to live out my own fantasy of being a lust object for men, so it goes both ways. What I also like is the thrill of meeting someone new and becoming very intimate with them often during the first time we meet, it’s exciting.

How it goes, well most of the time I meet people at their home or in a hotel. When I am on an escort date I go to my client and when I am on tour I go to different places in the Netherlands and clients come visit me at my hotel room. We often meet at the lobby or any other public place in the hotel. When we are in the hotel room we sit down for a drink and chat for a bit. Then there is the financial part when my client pays me for my services and I will ask my client to take a shower. Depending on how much time we have it can also be that my client takes me out for dinner first or we go out on a date before we end up in the hotel room. I never stay the night on a first date. Sometimes we end up in the tub or shower together. During some dates I am more submissive and others more leading, although I do not consider myself to be a Mistress, I think I would need more experience to reach that status.

11 Q: What is really not your thing?
A: You mean not my thing in general or kink related? Come to think of it I guess they often go hand in hand. I do not like the cold. Cold wind, cold water.. It’s not my thing, I do not like it but it is not that I can’t stand it. I just try to avoid feeling cold. I do not really like very loud sounds especially all of a sudden. Nor do I like overcrowded places. What I extremely dislike is anal sex. I have learned to peg someone which is not anything I particularly like but I am okay with doing it. I also do not mind giving a prostate massage. However anal insertion done to me in any way is something I really can’t stand at all. That’s why for me that is a hard limit, one of the few hard limits that I have actually. I wish it was different because in my mind I have this idea that in order to be a really good fuck doll I must be able to be used in any way possible but still that is just an idea and not a reason to push myself into things that I strongly dislike.


12 Q: Are you a smoker?
A: No I used to smoke from a young age, for 11 years but quit 2 or 3 years ago.

13 Q: How did you increase your lips so much?
A: I’ve used lipfiller injectables. 2ml juvederm to be exact.

14 Q: What things do you not participate in?
A: I do not participate in anything illegal. I don’t do anal sex with anyone. I am okay with giving but not recieving. With my clients I can’t recieve bondage, unless I can get out easily by myself. I don’t let myself be blindfolded or gagged either. No blood or knife play, needle play or extremes like scat for example. Also I do not do any drugs or drink much alcohol, especially not with clients and I don’t accept clients who are under influence. I do not tell my real name or give any personal information, nor do I let clients make photo’s or video’s.

15 Q: So other than kink what else do you get up to?
A: Aside from kink I really love music, art, to go out in nature, to visit a museum, see something new, meet my friends. I used to work in a bird shelter as a volunteer but didn’t had time anymore eventually. Going to a concert or festival is fun too. Traveling is something I like and would love to do more as well.

Music: Emma Ruth Rundle – Furious Angel

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