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My name is Arienh, I am an international fetish model, elite escort companion and lifestyle blogger.


A large part of my interest in kink has to do with bimbofication, which is the process of turning myself into a lust object for men. For me this includes a change of attitude, appearance and a career in the sex and porn industry. What I earn gets pumped into this physical transformation since there’s a price tag attached to becoming a doll. This is an ongoing process, a project if you will. A truely empowering process that brings me closer to myself, by letting go of social stigma and feelings of guilt or shame and practising self love instead of self acceptance. Part of my bimbofication process is sharing my lifestyle with you!

By becoming a fetish model and an escort companion I have made it possible for me to explore my kinks 24/7 and embrace my nymphomanic impulses. This way I have created a life for myself where I can experience all of my darkest fantasies.

On my blog I write about my lifestyle and I use other social media platforms to tell my story and by sharing photo & video content I give an insight in my process as a submissive, a nymphomaniac and bimbo doll.

In the future I want to be able to have more intimate and personal interaction online using a webcam to connect with followers and be able to do (themed) cam shows. In order to do this I’ve put a laptop on my wishlist so I can cam when and wherever I want to. Also there is a webcam on my list so you can get the best possible view. This way I can create a camming station at my home or pack everything so I can even cam when I am on tour with my agent or when I am on a trip to Paris.

There is a video camera on my wishlist so I can make home made porn video’s in a higher quality that I want to share with you online. I want be able to film and share my kinky experiences.

On my wishlist you can also find a Fujifilm Instax camera and picture packs. What I like about polaroid pictures is the fact that you can’t edit or reproduce the result, which makes the photos very candid and unique. This way I can send very personal, one of a kind, signed instax photos to you.

A photo printer would also be a good alternative to the instax camera that makes it possible for me to send you signed prints from photoshoots! You can choose the photos from my social media platform that you’d like to have a print of.

Aside from the wish to share more intimate, personal and candid content with you there are also items on my wishlist that help me to make me into the perfect bimbo fuck doll, like: high heels, sexy outfits, make up, perfume, accessories, kinky attributes and sex toys.

If there is anything that you think will make me into the greatest bimbo doll then by all means let me know and we can discuss the possibilities. If there’s something you’d like me to wear during a shoot, for custom content, a cam show or an escort date let me know, your support is very welcome!

Exploring different fetishes and roles is what I love so much! Aside from being into being a bimbo slut I also have a little girl inside of me who loves to play and there are more submissive/slave aspects to my nature as well. Let me know about your fetishes and perhaps I can make your fantasy come true.

If you want to book me for an escort date you can send a message via sms or whatsapp to: +316-40 56 77 19. If you have an idea you want to run by me concerning a photoshoot, camsession, show, events or porn productions etc. please email to:

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With love,

Arienh Xx ❤

Music: HAEVN – Fortitude

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