Birthday with my Daddies!

The last few days I’ve had both my Daddies around to celebrate by birthday. My Parisian Daddy came to visit me in the Netherlands! He got picked up from the trainstation by my Dutch Daddy and they both came to my work to take me home! I was excited about that the whole day at work! I had dolled up for them before I went to the store and felt super happy when I could finally leave and had a really fun night!

Just having them both around, for the first time, was so amazing! It felt so natural, at least to me, I can’t speak for them. It’s funny because I didn’t even imagine that I would be poly in this way. I mean going with different people who don’t know each other is a bit of a different feeling. My Daddies treat me so well! I’m such a lucky fucking cunt! It was great to play and fuck with them. Or with one of them while the other was filming or making fun pictures for us to enjoy later! 😛


I really loved waking up in between them, was surprised we did fit in my bed all together! It was so amazing to chill in the morning. They took care of me so well. I was amazed to how comfortable I felt with so many people in my little apartment but they are both super relaxed and easy going. This morning I had to doll up for a shoot, so I was stuck to my desk for about 1,5 hours. They brought me coffee so I could keep working. When I looked over my shoulder I saw my two favorite men hanging on my couch. We were watching (well, I was listening..) a tv show about Hugh Hefner, which was super fascinating. And we talked and just had a great time before we all went our separate ways after spending two days together. They put me on the train to my shoot, which I will write about too another time 😉


Music: The taste of blood – Jozef van Wissem/Sqürl, Only Lovers Left Alive soundtrack

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