Visiting my Parisian Daddy!

This post will probably be a big mashed up, all over the place kind of writing.. Haven’t been blogging in ages. First of mostly because I’ve been super busy. My mundane job still isn’t finished, though I’m often going on escort dates. Keeping up with my doll look takes a lot of time too. Tomorrow I’m going back to the clinic to get a check up after my last injections and hopefully I will get to do phase two of the lips and cheeks. Anyway,.. I am planning all kinds of other activities from photoshoots, to making video content in France and going to parties and events.

Before going to Paris, I saw my Daddy in Amsterdam. I found out there that Sabrina and her partner were in Amsterdam! My friends from Nuit Demonia & the Wyylde Summer Party! So we went for a drink together and walked through the Red Light District for a bit. It was awesome to meet you again! Until I had to go to my weekly self defense training. My Daddy picked me up from training and brought me home where he pumped me full of cum and put me on the train to Paris, where I got picked up by my Parisian Daddy.

(I’ve been practising my doll make up when I was in Paris! It’s easier to slip in a doll mindset when you lie down for obvious reasons)

Finally I saw Q. again!! Yay! I’ve been to Paris for about a week. The trip was fun and also a good opportunity to do some networking. To be honest, the first few days I slept most of the time, only to get dolled up at the end of the day and have fun time with my Daddy when he came back from work. We met up with J. & L. our friends from Cap d’Agde. Loved to see you both again, had a great time! The next day my twin sister and I found out that we were both in Paris! She was there with her boyfriend so we met all together for dinner! Life is crazy sometimes, love it!

On the next day my Daddy took me to Moon City in Paris, it’s near the Moulin Rouge which was cool to see as well. Moon City is a sex club in a cool indonesian style vibe. It has a bar, spa and play section. We did two rounds, of bubbling in the jacuzzi and then head to the play rooms – where everyone seemed to hang out. We found a silent spot where we played, soon other people came over to watch us. On my hands and knees I sat beside my Daddy while sucking him. A man came closer to us and asked Q. if he was allowed to touch me, which was alright. My Daddy looked over me and made sure that everything was done safely. After some time he told me to give this man a blowjob. Which got him super hard and excited, he got behind me to fuck me as the next guy came over to put his cock in my mouth. Later I noticed that a few guys lined up behind me waiting to fuck me. It was really hot and made me feel super happy! I got to make my Daddy proud and felt really objectified.

After cleaning up and chilling with a drink and also in the jacuzzi, we went for a second round. Which ended up a bit the same 🙂 More cocks to suck, more dicks to get fucked by, played with some girls too. It was super hot and so much fun! 🙂 My Daddy watched over me so well, made me feel safe.

The next day we went to the Louboutin store, where I tried a few very beautifull and unbelievably comfortable high heels. The store was so beautiful! Almost like a museum and the shoes were even prettier! I felt like a princess 😀 We went to the Demonia Store afterwards where we met friends from Nuit Demonia. So great to see everyone again! That night my Daddy took me to the opera too! It was my first time and it was very impressive!

(more make up practise, this time with day light and without any filters added. Now standing up too)

It was a new experience to be with my Parisian Daddy while knowing I have a loving Daddy waiting for me in Amsterdam to return. We kept him posted about all our adventures, so he knew I was being used good. These amazing men in my life know well how to share! I’m super happy and proud to have such awesome Daddies that I completely trust, love and care about.

I had a really great time in Paris and we’re planning more events in France for the next few months! Also my Daddy will come to me next week, because of my birthday 😀 but that’s something for next time 😉

Music: Seal – Crazy

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