The Inner Circle

Something that just spontaniously grow in time actually is a group of men in my life that I feel a connection with in some way. It’s not a clear selection of people throughout my life but, like the people around you, always changing and flowing. Although some of the people in this group have been there for years now.

Actually all of these friends are kinksters and at least very kinky minded. Mostly Doms, Daddies, bimbo trainers and sugar daddies or all of the above. Some of them I’ve played with a few times and others not yet. Some I see more often to talk about anything, chill and have some fun with also. Others I only meet to play with but still it’s important to me that it’s possible to connect on more levels than kink only.

These people are the ones I’m the closest with, people who I tell personally about all my adventures and who stand by me on my journey. They support me, are there for me when I’m stuck, when I have questions or worries. They are there to pull me through and got my back when the world is bitter and have a hard time dealing with my transformation. These friends listen to me and tell me my options when I feel like I have none.

All of them are special to me and all though with some I’ve parted ways and are not in the circle anymore it means that they have been close to my heart for quite some time in my life. Most of the guys are very different types but they all have a wicked mind and love to experiment, pushing their bounderies and mine. Which I just love!

I wouldn’t say these people are just good friends because there’s something more going on and it’s not like my best friends who aren’t in this group don’t matter to me just as much. It’s just interesting how this circle grows, unfolds and changes shape. It’s been flowing like this for at least 3 or 4 years now.

More significant they are becoming in my life since I’ve chosen not to be in a romantic monogamous relationship anymore. I’ve always wanted to be in such a relationship though, even better yet a monogamous D/s relationship but it just doesn’t seem to be something for me at this time in my life. Although I keep all options open it’s nothing I am after at all right now.

The Inner Circle, it’s funny how things just occur. They all get my full attention when I am in contact with them, when I’m with them. I got to say I stopped doing personal tasks for them since I’m so busy! But they are the first people who get to see my new content. Recieve more personal photo’s and video’s that aren’t shared online. They get to keep up my progress first hand. They know about my plans, my dreams and wishes. Secret desires and hidden dempts.

With these people I’ve started out working on the first little creative projects, they were my first play partners, my first kinky friends. The ones who helped me become who I am today.

You are special to me and I love you all for your love and support. I didn’t come as far without you! And I know I am a super lucky girl to have you in my inner circle!


Photo I made with one of my close friends from the circle when I was just starting out on my journey 🙂 With who I did my first photo project and who still remains in this group for years now. Xx

Music: Streets – Kensington

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