The Wyylde Summer Partyy – Paris

Last friday I went to Paris again after going to self defense training 🙂 Took the Thalys train where I’ve been writing about my bukkake party from the week before. My Parisian Daddy picked me up from the train station and it didn’t took long for me to completely crash from lack of sleep because I’d been so busy lately. But it was alright, I could finally let go and just be a happy (but very tired) bimbo doll. Q. took me home for a good night sleep – but of course there was some spirit left in me to have some fun! Just wanted him so bad! 😀


On saturday Daddy took me to the cutest little Laduree shop where I had to try their super yummie macarons! The place was just perfect! Little girl in wonderland with “eat me”, “drink me” vibes everywhere! ❤


Q. took me to Beaugrenelle, a huge shopping mall! It was very impressive and beautifull. With huge stores, many make up stores! We first went to Sephora where we found huge fake eye lashes. Perfect for a bimbo doll look. We then looked around some more, I loved the eyeshadow palettes. Some of my favorite brands are Urban Decay and Too Faced, both were sold at the store. We found a palette from Too Faced called Chocolate Gold, with the most glittery, happy bimbo colors ever! It says on the box that it’s made with 100% natural cacao powder and real gold. When I opened the box the smell of chocolate filled me it is wonderfull. We found another palette at NYX called Mochi which has really cute bright colors too. Shiny and a bit more pastel, which will go well with the bright glitters for a beautifull balance. We went to some other stores, like Guarlain where I was just gazing, breath taken by how amazing this place was, aside from all the perfumes they have there. I was very impressed.


After a break in the afternoon to chill and do more fun things together we got home and I took some time to doll up for The Wyylde Summer Partyy! I had taken of my morning make up and created a new look with my new make up but also tried another approach when it came to my skin, to create more of a shiny and tanned doll skin. Will try to work on that some more in the future. I bet photoshop would be easier but I don’t have photoshop and wouldn’t understand what to do with it, it seems so complex! I prefer make up anyway 😛 The new lashes are colossal! Perfect! Took ages to do my make up though because I did some things differently than my usual routine but the best things was that Q. didn’t say anything about that. He gave me all the time I needed and didn’t complain at all. It was fun that he came over sometimes to get something and I could show him my progress and ask what he liked 🙂 I’m dolling up for him so it’s important!!


When we were at the party we immediately found Sabrina one of our good friends from the last Nuit Demonia party. We chilled at the VIP lounge a bit where I had some fun with S. kissing, teasing, drinking champagne. There were more friends that I met at Cap d’Agde there and it was just so awesome to see everyone again!!


Later when S. saw us dancing she came over to get me on stage where she took off my dress and we all danced with a group of slutty girls in sexy outfits. My dress was peeking up to my waist all the time anyway. S. told me to get on my knees and crawl around in front of the camera man who was filming us.

When we had danced enough we went to the play rooms, because at a swingers party we fuck! Only a round king size bed in the middle of the room had some space left but once we got on there for some fun it didn’t took long for other people to join us or come around to watch us play. A couple came to us and in no time my fuck hole was being pounded, yay! 😀 I looked to my side and saw we were both having fun and it made me smile and so happy! We made such a mess we took a shower, lucky that there was one there! I had been sliding on that rubber spread for some time 😛

We went to the lounge again and met some more friends Nuit Demonia and Cap d’Agde! Yay!! I had the most fun time!

Later I ended up at the play room again with a big black cock down my throat which made the night even better. That bukkake party was great for practising! 😛 For some time I had more difficulty with deep throat but I think in the end it was more of a mental blockage, now that I’ve let go of that and opened my mind so did my throat! Q. desided to join us and fucked me hard while I was deep throating. Absolutely loved it!

At the end of the night we were at the lounge again where I made two new friends! They came over to me to say hi, like two partners in crime they explored my body. Fingering me so good, it made me dizzy but they got their arms around me. There was no way I could fall, or escape… I didn’t even know where their hands went and what they did because my mind got blank again and I just heared myself moan and scream. It was difficult to keep controling my body especially when they both lifted up my legs until I was completely helpless in their grip. They kept going, I felt this blockage in my mind. Just couldn’t take it anymore. No way they stopped and I didn’t really want them too anyway. As they, and everyone watching us, cheered me on I ended up squirting, I don’t know how often. I just felt a lot of fluid flow down my legs as my mind released itself from that mental blockage almost tearing me apart on the inside, it was so intense! Loved it! To be completely taken over by two strangers who seemed to have a lot of fun too! Was amazing! Thank you guys! Xx


Had a super fun weekend!! Thank you Daddy for making this possible for me! Can’t wait to come back and see you all again! Miss you guys! Xx ❤

Music: St. Helena – Kensington

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