High class escort companion

For about a month I’ve been working behind the scenes on something completely new! Through a friend I came in contact with MistressTNL (Tess) & MrWssl, who are building an escort agency together. My friend thought I might be interested in trying out escorting or recieving as a kink. Eventually I spoke with Tess on the phone and not much time later we went to my favorite beach club for a drink and talk about our interests and working together.

It didn’t took long for me to understand that they were looking for a girl that wanted to work with them. I never really thought it would be possible for me to do this work safely although I’ve always been curious. I just didn’t want to end up in a bad situation, which you often see in the media.

Actually I never thought I would become an escort until these wonderfull people came on my path. It’s always a bit strange but sometimes you meet people you connect so naturally with. Since I love to explore, I decided to give it a go because if it isn’t my thing I can just stop. Since I already have a job I am not even interested in the money I just want to explore my sexuality and this job fits perfectly with the process I am going through right now.

I took some time to think about the job. To let it sink in. Asked a friend to read the contract and other information with me until I completely understood what everything meant and to find out what I wanted myself. Also kept in contact with Tess for questions etc.

Before I could start I had to go through a standard procedure: STD check ups, information about STD’s and safe sex, signing an official contract etc. because we all want to do this work legally and honestly. This was also something that made me feel good about working with them. I don’t want to get into trouble with the law or tax authorities. So we made all the paper work in order. I might like to do naughty stuff but when it comes to these things I’m a good girl. I don’t want to work with people (colleagues or clients) who are doing illegal things or do drugs or put me in any situation I don’t feel safe in. This week I even started in a self defense group, which I’ll have a training with every friday for about 6 weeks.

Tess and I started working together a few weeks ago. At first we only did threesome dates so I could learn from her. It was so much fun! We’ve met such fun guys. Also we’ve got MrWssl who is around and there for us whatever happens. This is so much safer than how meeting with people for a date normally goes. Now I’ve got friends close that got my back and I don’t feel pressured to do anything I don’t want to. I only got to show up, do the work I enjoy doing and in the mean time we have a good time.

Often we are on tour to other cities for work, sometimes we go into the city for dinner or something. When Tess has a date without me I hang out with MrWssl or it’s the other way around when I work on my own which I’ve started doing recently too. I’ve even gone on an escort date by myself too now. MrWssl drives me there and secures my safety.

What I like most is that it doesn’t feel like work, I meet new people who have interesting stories. I learn more about sexuality, about what different people are into, about my own sexuality and I learn more about sex work in general. I feel safer doing this than when I would go on dates by myself. Also I love to be on tour! See different places, it’s a bit like going away for a long weekend on holiday with friends.

What I also love is that I get do dress up a lot, doll up like a sexy play thing, getting opportunities to wear skimpy outfits and do my make up. Having a good reason to work on a sexy clothing & high heel collection for work 😛 I love getting my nails done too. I even got some clothes from MrWssl and Tess to start with. Which is so sweet! I really feel taken care of and safe when we’re together, working or chilling. Soon I will be working on a sex toy collection for work too so I can spice up my dates some more 🙂

I finally feel like I’m doing what I really like and want to do, though I keep my other job for a while to keep the balance. No need to become impulsive now 🙂

MrWssl is working on my own website (www.arienh.com) and he made business cards for me. If you’re interested in working with me, don’t contact me through social media – I want to keep everything work related on my work phone.


Will keep you posted about our tour dates on my Fetlife page or through my profile on kinky.nl.

With love,

Arienh Xx




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