Swingsy pool party, Le Jardin de Babylone – Cap d’Agde, day 3.

Again we started our day early with breakfast, all together! 😀 S. and I were tanning next to a hot couple. I immediately liked J. and his girlfriend is super cute so I called her ‘cuty”. Just like I kept calling S. “sletje” which means little slut or slutty girl in Dutch. They joined us for lunch so we kept on flirting and teasing.

Actually I was chilling with S. and Q. for a bit. Giving him a blowjob, when the woman from the swimming pool came to join us! S. made room for us so we ended up having a threesome by the pool side! Q. also used Lelo toys on her which I loved to see, it was super hot! Making me so happy and horny ^^ When we were done playing I looked up and saw this sexy couple also having fun. When he came on her I went over there to kiss her and suck the cum off of her back.

After cooling down for a little bit we kept on tanning, J. offered me to help me with my tanning lotion, it was super hot and sexy, this tension 😛 It didn’t took long until I couldn’t help myself anymore I just had to taste him. I really love sucking cock, I just need to. So I did, Q. loved watching me and started fucking me while I was choking on that cock in my throat. I got held down sometimes, I love that so much! 😀 It was absolutely amazing! After they used me like that, J. turned me around and fucked me good. I was so happy 😀 Cuty and I kissed afterwards too, such a sweet girl!

The Swingsy pool party started. There were many dancers, people playing games in the pool and all kind of fun activities and shows! When there was time to rest Q. and I had some fun at our room when J. came to bring us something, which was funny 😛 he had to go again but yum.. good thoughts. We played on and made some fun private content.

For the last night I dolled up like a good bimbo fuck doll which didn’t stay unnoticed by a huge tattooed viking! How awesome! He made photo’s of me by the pool and also the party photographer made photo’s for Swingsy. Also together with my new viking friend! Who didn’t understand English at all by the way but who cares, the language of sex is universal. We danced and flirted until he kidnapped me away from the crowd for some hot time together. No words needed to be said 🙂

All the exciting adventures were so much fun! I’m so thankful that I could come along to the Swingsy weekend! I’ve felt safe, secure and happy even when I was far from home. Q. took care of everything and I didn’t had to worry about a thing. Like I always say: only had to remember how to do my make up and everything was just alright. Before I thought about something he had already fixed it for me. I’m a spoiled little princess 😛 but also a good slut to play with where and whenever, which I just love! I love to be used and to be of use.

I’m super happy that I’ve met so many amazing people! So kind, openminded and fun! Would love to see you all again! If I mentioned you in my blog or not, I will not forget the good time we had! I’m oh so glad I met another slutty girl in the Netherlands too and will see you soon sletje 😛 Free spirits! Xx ❤

Music: Fragile – Sting

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