Swingsy weekend, Le Jardin de Babylone – Cap d’Agde, day 2.

On saturday we woke up early because breakfast was between 8:00 and 10:00. You don’t sleep much at Cap d’Agde.. French people are better at sleeping during the day πŸ˜› My Dutch girl also couldn’t sleep in so we were all eating breakfast together. When we got our bath towels out and our skimpy outfits off, to get tanned by the pool Q. was already working.. We were only busy with tanning lotions, not getting tan lines and soaking up the sun. Talking about the hot guys, the resort and beauty hacks.

When it was lunch time we got our hard working friends together like shepherds πŸ™‚ By then many of the guests were arriving at Le Jardin de Babylone. After lunch it obviously was time to get a party started because the music got tuned up. Guests surrounded the pool, were swimming, relaxing, playing and having fun together. We had such a wonderfull time, flirting and teasing. Even met a woman again who I enjoyed some fun in the pool with πŸ™‚ Q. came over to check on me often to see if I was still having fun or asked if I needed anything. He made me feel like such a happy little slut when he came to me to use me whenever he wanted to! πŸ˜€

At some point during this day my friends lost me because someone offered me a massage and I said yes, which actually meant “I want to have sex with you” at parties like this. When S. saw me she was a bit mad because she had been looking all over for me. So I said “I was lying under someone, next time look for my shoes.” πŸ˜‰ Q. wasn’t worried, knowing I would probably be fucking somewhere. A few hours later a couple also offered me a massage and I just said yes to it being naieve but I think that I got it now πŸ˜› Was fun anyway!

My girl S. took me with her to show me Le Jardin d’Eden, which was a bit like the Babylone resort but almost everything was pink! Like a big Barbie house! ❀ She introduced me to one of her hot bartender friends. He would come to work at Babylone later that night! πŸ˜€

We took our time to rest and then decided to get dinner outside of the resort but on the road to the village my new bartender friend kidnapped me! Took me in his arms and got me to a quiet place where he used my throat and came on my face. As a good girl I just let his load sit there, my friends were waiting for me and then we entered the village.

When we got back a big party had started so we girls dolled up and danced, had some wine and loads of fun… πŸ˜›

Music: Shape of my heart – Sting

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