Arriving at the Swingsy weekend, Le Jardin de Babylone – Cap d’Agde.

After a very busy week I finally got on the train last thursday night to go to Q. ,my Parisian friend, for the Swingsy weekend! Rushed all day to get everything ready for the weekend and my working plans for when I would return. Luckely I managed to get my nails done before the party weekend! 😀 Then did my check ups and hopped on the Thalys train. Time to breathe and relax until I would see Q. again, yay! 😀


Empty looking little doll during a short break on the way to Cap d’Agde for the Swingsy weekend!

After a good fuck and sleep Q. completely stuffed the car with Lelo sex toys, while I did my make up and then we head to Cap d’Agde! Which is a HUGE nudist village in the South of France. For people who ever played the board game “Hotel” it actually felt like we were on the board. Ahum, nerd alert! Anyhow, it was amazing to be there. Such nice weather, palm trees, big campings and resorts at the beach!

Q. only got our suitcases out of the car and then we already were called to join the group of people who all came to work during the Swingsy weekend! Such nice people! Two beautifull crossdressers C. & M. who were such beautiful charismatic ladies and really super funny! Just looking amazing! I could learn a lot of make up tricks from them, wow! Even though I don’t  understand the French language they made me smile and laugh so much! There were such fun people in this team! And guess what? I’ve even met a Dutch girl called S. so I could speak in my own language which was very nice because not many French people speaks English.

We walked near the sea and then went into the nudist village to flyer for the Swingsy weekend and the Swingsy pool parties! The villages included many little shops filled with sexy skimpy outfits, beautiful bimbo clothes, high heels… – even Pleaser shoes, my favorite! We had a nice dinner at a restaurant, time to sit down with some wine and get to know each other a little bit.


Because it was the first night and the guests hadn’t arrived yet at Le Jardin de Babylone we stayed to party in the village and checked out the Melrose bar! It was crowded already, lots of people showing a lot of skin and feeling free. There were many dancing poles and it didn’t took long before girls got up there to dance, flirt and tease. Of course I just had to get up there as well! It just always goes like that and it was so much fun! Showing off is fun! As the time passed, so did the drinks. More clothes came off and eventually I danced and played with some of the other girls. It’s so amazing that there are places in the world where people can just be free and happy and enjoy free sexuality.

With a little group of people we danced with mostly we head back to Le Jardin de Babylone and sat down in the jacuzzi which was super warm and comfy after such a long day. When time passed people went to their rooms, leaving me and Q. alone in the jacuzzi which was just perfect for some hot sex. A nice guys we just met saw us and joined in. More cum as a perfect present before this little slutty girl went to bed. Not knowing that some of our new friends had been watching us from their balcony. Time to sleep and wake up to more new adventures!


Music: Run To You – Glennis Grace

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