Paris, Nuit Demonia


Just got back home from Paris! It was so much fun to go there. Q. my friend from Paris got me Thalys tickets to come over, so I was perfectly looked after while traveling. Traveling by train might be my favorite way to travel because I enjoy seeing the landscape change and relax with some music and it’s fun to flirt on the way 😛 Aaand.. there’s Starbucks at the trainstation! So I got all comfy, feeling excited to go to Paris for the first time!

After arriving we went straight to a little swingers party, luckely I was already dolled up before I had even left my home. Met some really nice and interesting people at the party. Q. let a few touch me and play with me before he took me home for more fun 😀

Saturday was a busy day and as usual I woke up much earlier than we had to, so I took that time to shower and put on my make up 🙂 It takes some time to do a full bimbo look. It helps to practise my makeup routine so often 🙂 We had to walk the dog (a really adorible and super happy (HAPPY!) ball of fur. We didn’t stay unnoticed when we were walking the street, all staring at my body in a skimpy outfit. It was so much fun! It is good that Paris feels warmer to me because in the Netherlands it’s often too cold for me to wear clothes that barely cover skin.

In the morning it was dress up time! Yay! I love being a dress up doll! Especially when I get helped in these tiny outfits.. long nails can be a challenge. So glad that it’s not a problem at all to need some help and that it’s also okay that doing my make up takes a lot of time too. No sighs, no complains. 🙂 It took some time to go through all the skimpy clothes but I enjoyed it all. Really love getting advice and learn more too.

Later that day we went to the Demonia store in Paris! They had a whole section of Pleaser shoes! ❤ Sadly a few of my favorites didn’t fit well but I’m glad I could try out all the wonderfull heels! Met friends again too! Also loved to go through all the amazing fetish gear they have there, it’s a really big and beautiful store. Made me think of this little fetish/goth shop I used to go to in my hometown since I was 12. Sadly it’s closed now. It’s so cool to realise you’ve always been into fetish wear 😛

The Demonia store made me feel right at home and Nuit Demonia did too! The location is so great! Beautiful building under a bridge. They played rock and metal songs, it’s a bit nostalgic for me because of my teen years in the goth/metal scene. Before we actually got a drink we were asked to give a little interview. It was fun because I don’t understand French and I was still admiring the general splendor 😛 Though I loved to be on display again! Got a lot of chances that night and it made me feel so very bimbo and happy to enjoy such a great fetish party! We met some really awesome and fun people at the vip corner where Q. let some people there touch me 😀 Really enjoying teasing and playing in front of the crowd. Although I was in another country and often didn’t understood what people were saying he made me feel perfectly safe and secure. It was truely wonderful!

Traveling to my friend this weekend made me feel so good and happy. It’s very empowering. All the people I’ve met were so nice and made me feel so welcome! I feel very thankful for the whole experience and the opportunities that I got simply by doing what I love most. Had a blast and it only reminds me again, just like when I’m doing shoots, that I love, love, love this lifestyle. It’s special, exciting and so much fun to live a bimbo life! Xx

Ps. kissed some filled up bimbo lips.. ^^ what a wonderful feeling! 😀


Music: Stronger – Christina Aguilera

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