Too dumb

Often I feel like I’m too dumb for anything in life. I literally suck at everything. That’s the only thing I’m actually good at. It’s the only thing I am good for. There isn’t anything that I can do well on my own, because sex takes two or more. I need your help when making decisions, I just can’t make them on my own. My mind becomes blank, I am just a total airhead. Though I’m not smart, I can be creative with my make up and my looks. Since I suck at everything that’s the only thing I’ve got. So I try to hold on to at least these thoughts and try to remember how to do my make up. Wondering only, how do my boobs look in this top? Is my skirt short enough? Other thoughts are just too difficult to hold on to. What I want is just to be happy and have fun. I need you to sell my body, make me work so hard so you can enhance it. Sell me to those who want to touch me, fuck me. I’m just too brainless and too dumb. I need to be your play thing. It’s the one thing I’m good for.


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