That was an intense party! Whoa! The theme was Suicide Squad this time. Saw some amazing characters, beautifully dressed up people! Performers who seemed to come straight from the DC universe. “The wildest party on Earth’ Well that could be through! The things I saw there haha. Oh my.. Often I was just dancing and gazing at all the beauty, creativity and kinkyness. The location was huge and there were so many people! Impressive! The fire shows were amazing too, felt so nice, the warmth from the fire on your skin. I saw a few very beautifull women with shaved or trimmed heads, really, really love that. Looked so amazing on them.

Also saw some very pretty completely transformed bimbo dolls. The boobs, the lips, the hips, perfect hair and make up and extravagant outfits. Looking like they weren’t from this planet. When you see them in real life it is a lot different from a picture. Some were very impressive and intense, at least to me. To go through such a transformation, leaving behind who you were before that. It’s not as if you’re going to ever know what you would look like if you hadn’t gone through all the surgery. Perhaps it is one of the most extreme fetishes there is because everyone will see you in a certain way. You yourself will do too and there isn’t really a way back from it. Perhaps that’s what gives it so much power. It’s often not seen that way, if I were a transformed bimbo wearing a cute lace outfit the door bitch might not even let me through because the clothes aren’t kinky enough.. but being a transformed bimbo itself is an ‘outfit’ with a kinky nature that you can never take off anymore after you’ve ‘put it on’. It’s like a tattoo, removing it is difficult and unpleasant.

Being transformed by your master is extreme, more so than having a slave number or initials tattooed on your body. You can’t hide your massive tits and big blowjob lips. You can’t get your natural face back after it is changed by surgery. Not everything is permanent but still. It’s wonderfull, impressive and intense to see for real.

Anyway, had a great time. Met some really amazing people, hope to see you again soon! Looking forward to the next party, which will be Nuit Demonia in Paris 🙂 Excited!! Xx


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